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  1. Hey everyone, Just need your opinion / your experience when purchasing and replacing the r34 gtr front diffuser. I'm trying to make up my mind when purchasing a replacement one. My current one is smashed up. It's an aftermarket carbon fibre copy. I bought the car that way. Ideally, I would buy a genuine front diffuser (I think around 1.1k), however there are some in the market going for around 300 for frp and 700 for carbon copy. The genuine item is made of plastic I would assume. Would FRP be more durable to carbon? Have you replaced your diffuser? What did you get? Are you happy with your purchase? Any defects? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks everyone for the help. I downloaded the Haltech software and connected the car to my laptop. Monitored everything and realised the MAP sensor was flashing. Ended up being bad connection to the MAP sensor. We had to re-pin it and now works perfectly fine. Thanks again! I hope this helps others out with their electrical issues!
  3. Does this sound like a CAS issue? I'll take it to the mechanic anyway. Just want to be in the know before anything.
  4. Hey guys, Car is a r34 GTR. Car runs perfectly fine, however after around 10-15 mins of driving, engine cuts out and turns off. This could happen while driving, or while on idle at a stop light. Sometimes I can start the car immediately, however most of the times, I cannot. I can turn the key to the on position (dash lights all operational, no check engine light), however cannot start. After waiting a few minutes, the car starts up fine and continues to drive normally until it cuts off again. I'm thinking maybe a sensor is overheating, and cuts the engine completely. Maybe CAS? Maybe fuel pump relay? I'm not sure. Temps on the MFD, oil temp, oil pressure, water temp etc are all fine. There's a little fuel pressure gauge in the engine bay, and it looks like it has constant pressure. Car has a couple of recent mods: Haltech platinum pro, MAP sensors, upgraded cams, fuel pump + relay, intercooler, injectors, fuel rail, upgraded turbos and running e85. I had these mods for a good month before the symptoms above started appearing. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance guys!
  5. Selling r32 gtr greddy intercooler piping cold side. Good condition, comes with silicone joiners and clamps. $120 ono. Melbourne, and willing to post. 0422804252 Thanks!
  6. My mechanic had one ready. I just swapped it out, got it tested, then swap back. Was a very annoying and tedious process. Waste of time and money. I got done at Lygon St at night. EPA set up a station with the help of Police coordination. I was talking to one of the officers, he said the community at Lygon Street was annoyed with all the loud Ferraris and Lamborghinis, hence the set up.
  7. Selling Power FC + Hand Controller for r32 or r33 GTR. Everything works. Could also work with a r34 GTR however would require some pins to be changed over (I had it on my r34 gtr). Has a current tune for stock car + exhaust + boost. I would assume you will need to tune it anyway. Good for those who want a cheap tunable ECU, who do not need all the features of a Haltech for example. $700 ono. Willing to post. Located Western Suburbs Melbourne. 0422 804 252
  8. Pretty sure someone has a stock exhaust somewhere? If you could help, send me a PM? Thanks everyone!
  9. Hi, I got EPA'ed the other night and I need to borrow a stock r34 gtr exhaust for testing. If anyone have one that I could borrow, that would be much appreciated! Located in the Western Suburbs. Thanks everyone!
  10. Hey guys Would like to powder coat my rims as I simply do not like the silver rim part of the wheels. Couple of questions though; A - Is it possible to just coat a part of the wheel (the rim part)? Or does the powder coating process require to coat the whole wheel? B- Is it possible to keep the engraving on the wheels? I like the engraving and I'm worried that once powder coated, the engraving's artefacts will be left behind. C- Last question, is it possible to fill in the engravings on the wheel so it keeps a smooth surface? I'll just buy stickers and slap them on afterwards. Just would like to be in the know , before asking the powder coat shop. Wheels are TE37 Tokyo Time Attack. I've attached pictures so you'll know what I mean. Thanks in advance!
  11. Set of 4, 5x114.3 25mm hubcentric spacers Selling a set of 4, 25mm 5x114.3 centre bore 66.1 hubcentric spacers for Nissans. I've used them to fill in the gap on my r34 gtr. They are good quality spacers. From memory, they are made from billet machined aluminium, and the the studs and bolts are from some kinda super strong metal... I did quite a bit of research back then because i didn't want my wheels to fall off! Price is $100 ono. Western Suburbs Victoria. Call or SMS 0422 804 252, or you can PM. Thanks for looking!
  12. I didn't know the computers keep a log of fault codes. I'll go to a workshop tomorrow to get it scanned up then. Thanks for the advice! Would it still come up if I have an aftermarket ECU (power fc)?
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