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  1. I think that all 4wd versions Have syncro/snow button
  2. Upper picture is serie2 and lower is serie1 If use snow button car will reduce power and the gearbox slips/slide when you start driving
  3. It is Really good winter car I also live in northern Finland and use studded winter tyres. Its warm car no matter if outside is -30° I had nm35 with little mods
  4. Honda Odyssey absolute 2.4 k24a2 engine. Only 200hp and FWR it is slow otherwise its much better driving than stagea and its more eco friendly 6-7l/100km Future plans. air suspension and new rims
  5. Just one thing what I have been done 1month ago. Went cardealer in southern Finland and chance my Stagea to this
  6. Thank but little to long distance to come test drive. I live in Finland 😂 E61 m5 would be nice but little to expensive. Here hou can buy good 525i or 530i msport about 10k€ its not bad price
  7. You should buy msport bumpers. It will looks much better. I have been thinking to sell my stagea and want to buy e61 530i white msport.
  8. Today arrived. But only 16mm Next have to buy longer bolts
  9. TukeH

    Brendons M35 build

    Whats that strange cliking sound is?
  10. Obd2 Nissan data scan II lite or buy full version Will works also
  11. Not yet done but ordered christmas present for my car Just little over 200€ whit shipping and import charges
  12. Is it really so expensive? If you cant afford to buy 98octane then sell nissan and buy prius. Here in Finland, gasoline costs more than 1.7€L(2.75aud) have said that when gasoline costs more than 2€L (3.24aud) so only friends drive their cars😂
  13. It is certainly not the most beautiful but effective anyway. 😋 I should buy a decent welding machine and learn how to weld🤣🤣
  14. Finaly had time to take dp Off. I have to make new flange because I bought Wrong ☹️ Just 2hours to remove dp and make flange and I did not lower the trans Without the induction heater one bolt would not have left off
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