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  1. dan_the_man

    Corey is the one who fixed your account up on here.
  2. dan_the_man

    Thank Corey! Aussie day just relaxing.
  3. dan_the_man

    I do not know
  4. dan_the_man

    hey dan. heard the news mate will pm u
  5. dan_the_man

    thanks corey!
  6. dan_the_man

    ElleAli76 - is she looking to get her email validated?
  7. dan_the_man

    Yes definitely. Keen to get this going. Will have a mechanic there too, just in case.
  8. dan_the_man

    Good times
  9. dan_the_man

    Hey mate. Sorry for late reply. Been moving house. Will get old pc running and send you the vector image of the logo
  10. dan_the_man

    May have missed this, what workshop is being hired?
  11. dan_the_man

    Send me a pm I have a car detailing setup in a workshop out in forrestfield.
  12. dan_the_man

    I'll get them made. How many you chasing?
  13. dan_the_man

  14. dan_the_man

    I'll get some stickers made. We can be club heros
  15. dan_the_man

    Yea it's not a very popular car for mods unfortunately