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  1. Corey is the one who fixed your account up on here.
  2. Thank Corey! Aussie day just relaxing.
  3. hey dan. heard the news mate will pm u
  4. ElleAli76 - is she looking to get her email validated?
  5. Yes definitely. Keen to get this going. Will have a mechanic there too, just in case.
  6. Hey mate. Sorry for late reply. Been moving house. Will get old pc running and send you the vector image of the logo
  7. May have missed this, what workshop is being hired?
  8. Send me a pm I have a car detailing setup in a workshop out in forrestfield.
  9. I'll get them made. How many you chasing?
  10. I'll get some stickers made. We can be club heros
  11. Yea it's not a very popular car for mods unfortunately
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