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  1. OEM airbox for both 33 and 34 gtr. Comes with barely used k&n panel filter. Looking for $200. Text me on Zero Four Three Three Three Zero Two Eight Nine Four Collection in Docklands during business hours or Sunshine after hours and weekends.
  2. HOOAH

    Sent pm and received no reply - don't think this guy is serious
  3. You are correct - that's some nice false advertising
  4. Only series 3 on carsales market - https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-1997/SSE-AD-4202131/?Cr=0 Bit of a dreamer tbh.
  5. There's a big price difference between series 1/2 and 3. S1/2 are around 25k whereas S3 are between 30-40k. They are also pretty rare - I've only seen 4 posted for sale in the past year.
  6. HOOAH

    Great build. Keep up the great work.
  7. HOOAH

    Congrats. Are you able to post more photos?
  8. What about for 33 GTR series 3? Series 3 are worth a lot more than the series 1/2. May have to give them a call Also what is low km?
  9. HOOAH

    How can you know more about the car from japan than locally? Isn't a full mechanical check by a qualified mechanic/skyline specialist suffice?
  10. HOOAH

    Will there be a GTR event next year?
  11. Hi all, I have an Apexi AVCR for r33 gtr. The turbos will hit 1.2bar and then drop to 1bar according to the boost controller. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, here are the settings from top of my head - Boost: 1.20 bar Duty: 55% F/B: X for all gears (I use to have 1st: 7 2nd:6 3rd: 5 4th:4 5th: 4, but I found having X makes the boost hit harder) Learn Gear: 0 for all gears Start Duty: 0 for all gears Thanks in advance
  12. Bump. Exhaust is 3" piping. Great tone and not overly loud.
  13. Does NRMA Vintage allow salvage buy backs?
  14. WTS: NISMO CARBON WRAPPED CATBACK for R33 or R33 GTR. Pretty rare catback. Resonator removed for straight pipe - buyer can also have the resonator. $500 pickup from 5085 or delivery at buyers expense.
  15. HOOAH

    My 33