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  1. this might sound like a silly question but does the air con work ? also do you have any interior pics? what are the bad points to it ? Cheers
  2. ideally id like swap with a car worth 5 k and 10 k cash ontop.. so any cars worth around that or abit more, thats what i'm lookin to swap with if i was to swap. I'd also like all cash but im up for swaps with cars around that value. Please dont hesitate to contact me if your interested. Cheers
  3. Possibly..how much cash ontop ? Car drives pretty well. Might need a wheel alignment. Recently had all new power steering lines done(had a leak), brakes and discs were done at the same time. Full tank would get approx 450-500 kms. Really depends how you drive it i guess but thats the average i get. First to give me a decent offer will take it! $15,500 ono
  4. sorry mate i was looking really for something of lesser value so i can get some cash on top. Car sounds nice tho.. too bad i dont have cash to put on top :S thanks for the offer tho! BUMP
  5. agreed! someone come buy it.. Send me a decent cash or swap offer and you might just end up with a good cheap GTR
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