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  1. hey duncan, i am looking for a full set of 26 covers timing belt, backing plate, coil cover and rocker covers thanks
  2. if I am not using the vct will I still need to do an oil feed mod?
  3. I am very unsure about the turbo at the moment. I will be running a 25% underdrive, Powerbond balancer
  4. Have purchased some more goodies for the build. Ended up getting some Kelford cams from NZ and also some valve springs off them. got $300 import duty tax FML I have been assured these spring can handle up to 30 psi boost before valve float, don't think ill be testing this theory, but its good to know. Have also decided to delete the VCT, I will be running adjustable cam gears instead. Getting closer and closer to assembly. Will attach spec sheet of cams.
  5. So good news have picked up my 25det head, am yet to decide how I am going to modify it for the conversion have heard there is an internal modification you can do for the oil feed, so will be looking into it, hopefully should be getting done soon. kinda wishing I got a neo head, but to late now.
  6. Have now had stud girdle cleaned and had crank lynished and have since decided to put on oil crank collar. so crank has been machined to fit, and installed. have also picked up forged pistons and rods CP pistons (8.5:1 86.5mm) and Manley rods and also got some king racing bearings and all ARP head and main studs.
  7. So here we go. I am currently building an RB2530, I will be updating thread step by step as build continues. Goal will be to produce 400kw+ or try the best I can. This will be done on a medium budget, but I will try the best I can to put the money in where it counts. Any feedback or ideas would be great. It all starts with the s2 rb30 block i picked up for $80, disassembled it myself and have since had it cleaned, decked, bored and honed. Decked back to 0 Honed to 20thou have picked up CP pistons(8.5:1 86.5mm), Manley rods and some king bearings
  8. The combustion chamber is a little bigger wouldn't have any problems there.
  9. Hey guys, I am fairly new to the forum. I am currently putting together a 2530 (non-neo head) and not running vct because of my cams that I already have, but from my understanding I still have to run the oil feed with a 1.4mm restrictor. How or where are people connecting this oil feed to the head? will be teeing off oil pressure sender, just unsure of how and where to connect to head. will I also have to run an external head drain? was thinking of using the spool kit that hooks to the back of the head, draining straight to my sump, not sure if this will do have heard people say that they don't drain properly. third and last question I am running n1 oil pump with oil crank collar and forged gears, due to the extra pressure these pumps run, what would be good size oil restrictors and how many? thanks in advance
  10. i have put one on the build i am doing now, for the price of 140 dollars and machine/ fitment. small price to pay compared to what it could cost you. couldn't agree more with the 'Build it once, build it properly'.
  11. Hi all, So at the moment i am currently building my first 25/30, really my first engine and i'm needing some advice. i have gone with cp pistons, Manley rods, i will be running gtr n1 oil pump fitted with oil collar. with a cometic head gasket, all arp studs and acl king bearings. compression is sitting low 8 cant remember exact 8.1. head is rb25det as well so my question would be, what oil restrictors are people running?if any at all? needing to know this asap and i'm also looking at changing valve springs and maybe cams, im wanting to keep the hydraulic lifters, unless someone can convince me otherwise. what cams and valve springs should i run or could i just run standard cams and different valve springs with higher seat pressure? overall looking to get anywhere from 500-650 hp Thanks
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