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  2. I Havent taken the rocker covers off, but I think i need a baffle kit and take that catch can to the cold side or run another can. Im running like 90 to 110 Oil pressure PSI, that to me is way to much and nitto have replaced the pump once. is there an adjustment for pressure? Those numbers are cold, she is warm, its like 40 -90 at full boost.
  3. I have a probelem low compression engine for high boost, but the WHITES 10l oil pan is filling the heads and going on the track or turbo. Like I dont wannt burn up in a ball of ricky bobby. I have a spool head drain, but I think between the head drain and the catch can am I forcing oil up? I do not know this stare if leaving oil on the track and them being so mad. 10 liter oil pan, 2 lines into the catch can, and it blows out the vent straight onto the turbo under high revs or full boost. Has a Nitto n1 pump, I cannot trust that they put the proper restrictors in there and are those air / oil seperators any good. 2 lines running directly to catch can, I have no idea if any baffiling has been put in and i highly doubt it. Like to fore the oil back to the back of the head, and into the 10l oil pan. Got me kicked of the track one day long ago, and I need to really fix this. Low comp, massive turbo, 2 step, haltech platnem pro, JEM tuined, Adam. The hoses and catch can are roughted like a little kid and macaroni. that is the first stop, and making the drain back to the sump like 25mm as opposed to 10/15 mm Its like i answer my own questions. Spun the clutch centre i hope I havent broken the input shaft.
  4. http://www.besracing.com/machine-shop-services.html Can anyone tell me if i am way off track here trying to find a machine shop to do some boring and or sleeves, and some head work. The sight above is what i am used to price wise, and i dont know where to go for a decent rb build.
  5. http://www.besracing.com/machine-shop-services.html I am trying to build an rb engine and these are the prices i am used to, can someone please tell me if i am way off track here, but I can find an automotive machine shop that even touches these prices, Of course this is in the states, but the equipment to build 1 engine for the asking prices of lewis engines is about the same, second hand of corse, and i dont want to point them out in particular, just having trouble here? Any help
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