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  1. mate have i read through this it might help u out http://www.skyline-owners-club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17660
  2. hi mate just got a couple of questions about aem wideband i got mine today and i welded in the bung and got the gauge in the spot that i wont it but do i have the sensor in our out of the bung when i turn to accessories to   calibration it? and second question where do u get power source for the gauge ? some people say radio , cigaret light or do u get its own power and does it have to have power all the time 

  3. im looking at getting an aem wideband but whats the difference between the aem uego and the x series wideband ? thanks Gary
  4. i took a video of my r33 i just got a question i can hear it at the start how the revs go up and down for the first 1 min it use to be like that for about 5 min i remember reading to clean something out (cant remember what its called ) so i did that and its better but still doing it is there something else could be wrong with it
  5. this is my other car i have its a 1967 chev impala <a href="http://smg.photobucket.com/user/blo666/media/Facebook/chev%20lowered/45725_436305236452364_714605686_n.jpg.html"target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v214/blo666/Facebook/chev%20lowered/45725_436305236452364_714605686_n.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 45725_436305236452364_714605686_n.jpg"/></a>
  6. Thanks for that terry no i dont have any memories as he only bought the car not to long before his passing . Im not in sydney i live in country victoria my father lived in sydney. Im just trying to get it right so i can get it registered and keep his memory going go but it sat for 18 months because it was in the hands of the lawyers so i have been using this forum to try and learn up on the cars so its been really helpful
  7. this is my late fathers r33 its the only thing i got that belong to him im new to turbo charge and jdm cars
  8. mate i found the paper work that come with the car when my dad bought it its got 1995 GTST r33 skyline to4 82r turbo hi mount, external waste gate, plazmaman plenum, gready computer ecu ,stage 3 shift kit gearbox 3000 rpm stall converter ,front mount intercooler , auto trans cooler , 600hp fuel pump , 306 hp at rear wheels at 10 psi boost 3 inch stainless exhaust all gtr body kit
  9. the rims cost me $500
  10. i just wondering what that knob is behind the windscrean wipers Also i headed the sydney last week end and went out to a skyline wreckers out at weatherill park and got some rims and i put them on the car today this is how the front bumper was and now how it looks i have never fibreglass before
  11. sorry i dont no what kind of turbo it is but i found paper work for when my dad brought it and its saying 308 hp at the rear wheels
  12. Hi all im new to Sau and very new to any turbo cars i have got my fathers 1995 nissan skyline as he has passed away January last year and as it was in the hands of the solicitors i have just got it a month ago but i havnt done much with it as my other toy a 1967 chev impala i have been putting a new engine into . the car got left out in the sun for 16 months and the clear on the roof has faded and my father broke the front bumper but i have fixed it up and my father had to have a auto because one of his leg got run over about 5 years ago so he couldnt drive a manual any more This is my chev
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