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  1. Source another engine, that one is going to take a lot of $ to fix.
  2. To state the obvious you have water in the oil, probably from a blown head gasket and the pistons have detonation marks. Looking at the carbon deposits on the pistons the detonation has happened in the past.
  3. Hey Mate welcome to the forum, see below the signals are different between N/A and turbo for the cluster. Find a r34 workshop manual and take a look. the signals come from the ecu and the ecu's are totally different.
  4. I cut the piece from the battery to the chassis leg and left the remainder which connects the engine block to the chassis leg and everything works fine.
  5. R33's had the battery in the boot and the battery holder bolts straight into the r34 the holes are already there. I had to modify the bracket for the ecu behind the battery though to make it fit. Here is a pic but it is not finished.
  6. I don't think you can buy this kit anymore. Otomoto don't have it listed on their website.
  7. I have not installed it yet but i want to use it with my 26/30 setup I only use the car on the road so I want a taller ratio and better traction,
  8. I have fitted a S15 hlsd diff centre into my R34 vlsd, everything fits internally but as mentioned the S15 has 3x2 output shafts and the R34 viscous lsd 5x1 shafts do not fit. I had to buy new output shafts for a R34 helical diff which was fitted on later models for the 5x1 output shafts. I used the S15 crown and pinion gears as well for the 3.69 ratio so I had to re-shim to get the pre-load and backlash set correctly. In the end it all worked out but was costly and time consuming.
  9. Agree everyones tastes and requirements are different. I much prefer to waste money on my car than on drugs or gambling etc
  10. I have a factory manual GTT. A while ago I tested an ecu from a Stagea rb25det neo auto in my car and everything worked except the speedo so it could well be an ECU issue.
  11. I used the Reimax gears and have had no trouble. They also had the large clearance I assume too that Reimax know what they are doing since they built the Clasonic GTR back in group A days. Is there evidence that the large clearance is a problem, I think it is a good thing for crank flex.
  12. My understanding is that it is illegal to change the distance the car has travelled, not change the new clusters reading to match the car. I transferred mine accross to the nismo cluster and took photographs of both reading the same. I checked here in NZ before doing it and was told I can do it that way.
  13. Yes my rb26 block has the hole plugged on the block
  14. I am also curious about the pressure relief, considering the oil pump has a relief valve to control pressure what is the intended purpose of this one? Is it there to prevent the oil filter from being over pressured? I would not be concerned with the centre bolt coming loose considering a correctly tightened oil filter does not come loose.
  15. Can you pm me a price for a GTT front badge like the one in the picture above please?
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