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  1. Boost sensors have a linear output of 0-5V relative to whatever the input pressure range of the sensor is. So if the factory sensor that appears to be a 2 bar map sensor was changed out to a 3 bar, the output voltage to the ecu remains at 0-5V but with a larger pressure range.
  2. According to the Nistune Neo tuning guide you can increase boost to 18 psi by increasing the boost sensor fuel cut table to a maximum of 5100 millivolts. Is it possible to change the factory sensor for a 3 bar map sensor and then tune to increase boost to 30 psi?
  3. The screen is likely faulty. Early models used a Sharp lcd screen and then Nissan changed to a Toshiba screen. I know the Toshiba is a universal screen TFD58W30MM I purchased one off Aliexpress and it works perfect, all plug n play.
  4. How about these: https://www.jdmgarage.com.au/shop/engine-cam-cover-baffles-rb26-rb26dett-pair/
  5. People usually only post failures of oil pumps so given there are no reviews................
  6. That blue plug with the brown and blue wires is for the charcoal canister solenoid on the gtt
  7. Interesting. What model & year is your 34?
  8. It is relatively simple to do but you most likely will not have the boost sensor which is located on the driver's side of the engine bay by the brake booster on the gtt. Here is the schematic from the service manual:
  9. Nismo instrument cluster. K's can't be genuine.
  10. A quick search will tell you NO. You need to do the front bumper, brackets, bonnet, hinges, bonnet catch, side skirts and the list goes on. I
  11. This I get since he lives in the states and can't legally import an R34, seen a few R32.4's now. However this sorcery I don't get: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/nissan/auction-2576309070.htm?rsqid=f3db85da93124802a608820dd8aee63f-002
  12. Not since the Motive video "old school twins vs modern twin scroll single " video came out. Mythbusted?
  13. I've done more research. The torque specs given by Nissan for the RB26 match that of a grade 12.9 M18 x 1.5 bolt. Assuming that Nissan used the same grade on the RB25 & 30, the torque range for a M16 x 1.5 bolt is 300 - 380nm depending on the surface friction coefficient. I used ARP lube which changes the coefficient even more. I've ordered an ARP bolt and will follow their recommendations. I've had a balancer come loose before and don't want a repeat. Thanks for the advise.
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