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  1. NZ-GTT

    Agree everyones tastes and requirements are different. I much prefer to waste money on my car than on drugs or gambling etc
  2. I have a factory manual GTT. A while ago I tested an ecu from a Stagea rb25det neo auto in my car and everything worked except the speedo so it could well be an ECU issue.
  3. I used the Reimax gears and have had no trouble. They also had the large clearance I assume too that Reimax know what they are doing since they built the Clasonic GTR back in group A days. Is there evidence that the large clearance is a problem, I think it is a good thing for crank flex.
  4. My understanding is that it is illegal to change the distance the car has travelled, not change the new clusters reading to match the car. I transferred mine accross to the nismo cluster and took photographs of both reading the same. I checked here in NZ before doing it and was told I can do it that way.
  5. Yes my rb26 block has the hole plugged on the block
  6. I am also curious about the pressure relief, considering the oil pump has a relief valve to control pressure what is the intended purpose of this one? Is it there to prevent the oil filter from being over pressured? I would not be concerned with the centre bolt coming loose considering a correctly tightened oil filter does not come loose.
  7. Can you pm me a price for a GTT front badge like the one in the picture above please?
  8. NZ-GTT

    +1 for the HKS super turbo muffler. It is straight through design with no restrictions or reduced diametetrs inside the mufflers. I just bought one second hand on BidJDM for $500 plus shipping. Quiet too for a straight through design. Have a look on youtube.
  9. NZ-GTT

    All 3 blocks I have used in this comparison have the oil and water feeds drilled and tapped on the hot side of the engine block. They all have tapped holes below the water pump for an idler and tensioner and all are machined flat above the water pump where the relocated tensioner would go.So I presume they are all S2.
  10. NZ-GTT

    This is my first post here but I have been trawling on here for some time and I would like to thank SAU for the valuable information I have found here. Anyway I know this is an old thread but I would like to share a difference here between the blocks.I have 2 VL blocks and one R31 RB30. I noticed that the bearing caps of the girdle on the R31 is 2mm thicker and it ways 9.6 kg vs 9.2kg for the VL ones, so it would definitely seem that the R31 crank girdle is beefier. I would be interested to know if this is consistent between these blocks if anybody else has an old R31 or VL block laying around.Some pictures below: