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  1. Return them. For such a critical component it is not worth the doubt.
  2. Nice project. What was involved with fitting the dc5 integra recaro. What rails did you use?
  3. My first guess is a big end bearing. Grand kids probably borrowed it.
  4. My recommendation for cams is Kelford but anything that is drop in is not worth it.
  5. Do you have a power goal? I know your question is about cams but I don't think you will get much more out of -9 turbos. Personally I wouldn't bother with Poncams.
  6. I'm curious to know whether the OP had to modify the chassis legs to clear the front axles. It would be a show stopper in NZ. See the raised section on the BNR34 chassis:
  7. Take it to a machine shop and they will measure it, check for cracks and straightness. RB cranks can be ground undersize. Don't believe all the hype about them being nitrided it's a fallacy.
  8. Cheap quality products sounds like a win to me. I have used a hose kit from Ali for a RB26 and it all fiitted perfect. No complaints here. Or you could pay extra to a local seller that has imported it from China
  9. Boost sensors have a linear output of 0-5V relative to whatever the input pressure range of the sensor is. So if the factory sensor that appears to be a 2 bar map sensor was changed out to a 3 bar, the output voltage to the ecu remains at 0-5V but with a larger pressure range.
  10. According to the Nistune Neo tuning guide you can increase boost to 18 psi by increasing the boost sensor fuel cut table to a maximum of 5100 millivolts. Is it possible to change the factory sensor for a 3 bar map sensor and then tune to increase boost to 30 psi?
  11. The screen is likely faulty. Early models used a Sharp lcd screen and then Nissan changed to a Toshiba screen. I know the Toshiba is a universal screen TFD58W30MM I purchased one off Aliexpress and it works perfect, all plug n play.
  12. How about these: https://www.jdmgarage.com.au/shop/engine-cam-cover-baffles-rb26-rb26dett-pair/
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