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  1. Unfortunately I'm looking for the rear bumper, I've seen plenty front ones for sale because so many people have installed the Nismo front one but the rear is a different story. I just got to be patient.
  2. Get it fixed or try find one locally, To get a new one shipped from overseas would be really expensive. I have just tried to buy a R34 GTR bumper from Amayama and they will not ship it. They say it is an oversized item.
  3. It seems like old mates head is cracked, not the one on the RB30.
  4. Can't help with what to look for when buying a skyline crossover, but a GT370 crossover makes heaps more power than a RAV4 or JX350
  5. Here is the Nissan part number: 01553-10051 Just Google it and you will be overwhelmed with links and photos.
  6. Nice work! How did you remove the pins from the connector blocks? I could not get mine out so I had to cut and solder wires.
  7. In that case I need to go "rooting" around my shed for anything JDM and list it for sale.
  8. Excuse my ignorance here but what use would this be outside of Japan? I can't think of any reason why i would want a device broadcasting my credit card details. I have a BMW that I imported from Japan and it has one of these built into the rear view mirror. It will never see my credit card. Glad you managed to sell it.
  9. There are plenty 33 gtr brake calipers on Yahoo auctions but man are they expensive now. I just did a quick search and here is the cheapest set. https://www.bidjdm.com/bidding/auction/view/id/f374775838 Buy the time they have been overhauled, powder coated with new rotors and pads they will most likely have surpassed the cost of something aftermarket and better. I also look forward to your progress.
  10. Looking at that cylinder, it is well worn and was just given a hone because 87mm is as far as you can go. Glad to see you are starting over with another block.
  11. Not accurately but side by side they looked to be identical as in number of threads and length of the shank.
  12. Most likely is the case since the RB26 ARP bolt comes with the washer and the "supposed RB30 bolt does not. You have to reuse the factory washer.
  13. I would buy the ARP bolt and torque it to ARP specs.
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