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  1. Also sorry for late reply, not on here as frequently. If you’re happy to transfer me cash & sort/pay for postage(anywhere around Preston Melbourne) then I’ll give u my mobile number [emoji1417]
  2. Sure, at your expense though. I just sold Advan ADO8R’s to guy in Perth & Pack & Send was super easy to deal with
  3. $400. Located Northern suburbs Melbourne. mobile:0450 891 100
  4. So glad Carl's car was found! I met him/you on day of meet and was really genuine bloke. Awesome midnight purple 33gtr with great set-up. Was actually my favourite car of the day.
  5. Mr Phatt34

    No worries Luis[emoji1417]. I'm extremely picky with who I let touch or work on my pride & joy, & Vu is one of the few that I allow to do work on it. A lot of SAU members can vouch for him & his work shop(DT Panels). Good luck mate
  6. Mr Phatt34

    Hey Luis32gtr. There was a midnight purple 2 r34 gtr getting full respray the other day when I popped in to DT Panels. In my opinion for the awesome work he does, he actually has very reasonable prices. He really looked after me. Give him a call, say I referred you(blue r34 gtr) from SAU, he should look after you too. Ps. I'm not letting anyone else touch my car cosmetically, & the previous owner of my gtr was the same
  7. Mr Phatt34

    So sorry to hear mate! Bloody pricks. Hope you got decent payout-still doesn't get you your rare TK gtt back though.
  8. Mr Phatt34

    Yeah I was lucky. It didn't have proper kill switch. I got rid of it-have 34 gtr v spec now mate.
  9. Mr Phatt34

  10. Mr Phatt34

    Hey Spec-s Gtt,(my name's Phatt not Pratt haha). Vu is a wizard at fitting body kits-he fitted my body kit, Nismo front bumper & painted all-amazing finish. His shop is in Springvale & shop is called "DT Panels". MissGT34 is correct though.
  11. Mr Phatt34

    I hope he finds it too, I had my 34 stolen few years ago-I was lucky as my one was found a week or 2 later.