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  1. i tell you what man.. if you don't trust e-bay..you can always find someone you know on the other side of the pond to pick one up for you..then send it down under to you. i think that's probably the easiest way going about getting one for your nephew. oh yah, my friend has a gameshark. trust me, it works wonders..LOL
  2. i finished the game. i didn't beat all the wanderers, but i did beat the vast majority of them. some of them, i didn't even see on the highway. it's a very long game, after you play the 1st round, you get like 1,000,000 CP to spend...then you go back to the 3 stages and unlock the entire highway, and with it, the remaining rivals and more wanderers. when you finally beat the entire game (all the final bosses in all the cities) you'll get 10million CP to spend. but i'm sure by the time you reach that point, you would've gotten very bored of the game..i know i did.
  3. it will ask you if you want to purchase a card when you start a new game (has to be single player mode though) and you'll be prompted to insert more money into the machine before you get the card. you play and the card will print when you end your game. i wonder if the cards have worldwide compatability....that'd be cool if they did. i highly doubt it though.
  4. sorry man, i'm not too good at chopping... but if you want, i'll use your R34 as a base pic to trace over and vector it for you. HAHAHA
  5. you didn't play it enough to have a good amount of fun. it doesn't get good until later in the game when you begin to understand how the game plays...and you can drive on the complicated stages. yah, you have to watch it from episode 1 to understand it completely. any Chinatown or Asian Market/Mall should have Initial D stuff for sale. at least i would think so, because it's a huge franchise in Japan and HK. i don't like battling friends in the arcade game (well, at least only 2 of my friends) cause i always get PWNED by them...they're too damn experienced and good at it.
  6. oh, that sucks that you guys didn't get a local version. and yah, the 3 supra's in Nagoya are damn fast..u know, the Knight, Bishop and Rook. pure battles, trying to beat them man..i know i had a hard time winning. even in my 700hp FD...with the scramble boost turned on =P i found the ultimate car in this game tho. it's the SW20 MR-2 with the naturally aspirated V6 engine swap. i hadn't finished the upgrades package with this car(lightening the chassis, reinforcements, etc.) but i managed to get it up to a 217mph top speed. i would imagine after getting all the mods for it, i'd be able to hit 230mph or maybe even 240mph in it. the car is a monster, it cannot be stopped at the beginning of a race...it just like, winds up and goes, leaving your rival in the dust. no joke, u should try it.
  7. no, but if you find it...please relay the download link to us on SAU forums as well.. LOL i like this soundtrack, it's a good contrast from the dancey songs from Initial D. Wangan features a lot of Rock music.
  8. how long has that game been out in AUS? it's been out here for nearly a year now..i bought a copy last holiday season and it was the best 30dollar game i ever bought new =D have fun playing it man, it gets frustratingly hard later on in the game. wait until you meet up with Manabu Orido in his MKIV Supra in Osaka.
  9. don't know if this will help you or not but... http://www.takakaira.co.jp
  10. what colour is the vapour? but first things first...how do you "see" the "vapour" ? if you could see it, wouldn't it be considered "smoke" ?
  11. speeding moderately is understandable.. only if it's like 10kph over the limit tho...but 120kph in a 50kph zone? that's nuts... that's like going highway speeds in a residential zone. i see that down under, there are a lot of bad apples that ruin it for all the mature enthusiasts. i suffer from this too...and it sucks.
  12. no way that he pushed that much out of a naturally aspirated H22A without doing internal modifications. to answer your question though, the prelude made about 190hp(141kw) measured at the flywheel in the 4th generation. in the 5th generation, it received a output boost up to 200hp(149kw) and also gained a bit of weight as well. which caused it to actually be slower than the 4th gen. The Honda VTEC thing is completely overrated...you'd be surprised at how slow a naturally aspirated Prelude is and how quickly it runs out of steam. well, driving it, you would think it's fast...but racing against another car might broaden your horizons. i'm not saying that the guy who stated he had a prelude had achieved 147fwkw output is lying...i'm just stating that to achieve that, one would have to do internal work on the H22A. i know my honda's simply because they're the #1 candidates to be turned into rice mobiles here in north america. not a day passes when i do not see at least 10 or 20modified civics on the streets. and 80% of them don't even have more than 130hp measured at the flywheel..but they sure do make a lot of noise with the fart canisters...LMAO
  13. me? well, an obvious would be a Skyline..LOL but other notable cars would be: Datsun 240Z (ghosts from the past, that have been claimed by the sands of time) Lotus Esprit S4S (yah, the I-4 turbo one) Lambourghini Diablo or Gallardo (saw my first Gallardo last month) Ferarri 360 Modena (the red one i saw last year on the street........left me speechless) NSX (only sometimes though, because i actually see them quite often) FD RX-7 (actually more rare than the NSX here) MKIV Supra TT (yah, rare but common now; and riced out after the first F+F movie) S2000 (i like the car, but see it a bit too much) SE3P RX-8 (makes me think, "hey, want to race? i wanna show you something." LOL)
  14. creaks from the dash? perhaps it has been taken apart by a previous owner of the car and not put back in properly? maybe one of the important clips have been broken? but more importantly, when do you hear this noise while driving? like when you drive over a bump or something? i used to get that a creaking noise in my FC too...from the passenger side. i thought it might've been my suspension, then i thought it was the glove box, then i imagined that it could've been something inside the glovebox.. but after everything, it turned out to be nothing more than the screw that held the mounting bracket for my BOV and bleeder valve in the engine bay that had become loose thru vibrations from just driving. i guess the only advice i can give you, is to make sure you know what it is before you make any assumptions that might cost you a bit of money.
  15. it's like Kinks said.. might cause deterioration over the years...but then again, just normal driving will cause normal wear-and-tear right? i like my HKS one, it's effective enough, and in the event that i need to replace it, i will...it's nothing but a quick+easy filter replacement.
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