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  1. Yes. The car is located in germany. There was a bit of rust on the underbody. I removed the rust, used rust converter and sealed it with underbody protection. I have a lot of pics so that the possible buyer can see, i dont only oversprayed the rust. Here is what it looked like before.
  2. Hey mates, i want to sell my Nissan Stagea RS Four Basics: Nissan Stagea S1 RS Four First Registration JP 12/1996 First Registration UK 01/2008 First Registration Germany 06/2015 90000km (no miles !) Automatic Mods: R32 GTR Brakes (Non V-Spec) R33 GTR Rims Custom 3" Exhaust Front mounted intercooler Tein Suspension All fluids have been changed. Timing Belt was changed 2 weeks ago. The car was painted in 02/2016 because of rust under the wing mirrors. (Front fender, front door, rear door, on both sides) Underbody is clean ! I have a lot of pics and also a video. Export is no Problem. Price for the car AU$13000 For pics and information please contact me on whatsapp. +49 176 83251050
  3. I need the right corner light. Shipping to germany please. If possible, contact me in Whatsapp (+49 17683251050) Best Regards Andi
  4. No, because a s2 is ugly. But thanks a lot.
  5. Any news here ? I have the same idea. Stagea S1 and S2, both have the RE4R01A Transmission. If i want to upgrade my S1 to a Tiptronic, do i have to change the gearbox or only the shifter and the gearbox-ecu ? (I dont need the shiftoption on my steeringwheel) Hope you guys understand what i want :-D Best Regards Andi
  6. Yes, round about 40km. Bought a Tein Suspenion
  7. Hi all I did a few things Car was getting painted (both door's and front fenders) and the rims were getting color, too Next Step will be a custom exhaust. I'm gonna do more than one. 2 other Stagea drivers in Germany are interested in one so i'm asking here if anyone else is interested ? I think this weekend mine will be finished, so i can post a few pictures and a short video. Best Regards Andi
  8. Thanks mate Can you drop a link where you bought it ?
  9. Hey Guys, I'm looking for Raindguards for my Stagea. I only have the one on the left side, i need the one on the right side too. It needs to get send to Germany. Best Regards Andi
  10. Hey Yes i have a lot of plans, but since 3 months im a father, so the car is not on the first place anymore My plans in the next couple of years are: Coilovers Intercooler Exhaust New Paint (bayside blue) R34 front conversion We will see what i can do Best Regards Andi
  11. Hey guys, Im andi from germany, 22 years old and im a mechanic (i dont know whats the exact word. I fix cars after the body was damaged ) Now to my car. Its a Nissan Stagea RS Four First generation When i bought it in england, it was stock. A few weeks later i bought bigger Brakes (R32GTR) And next week i will get R33GTR Rims I attached a few Pics. I sold the R34 Rims. Couldnt see them anymore. Best Regards Andi
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