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  1. freepower.mtek

    M-Tek Ecu Australia

    M-Tek ECU Power Kits! For an increase in vehicle performance without messing around with the mechanical components of the vehicle, look at how this little box of electronic magic will help unleash the ultimate performance in your vehicle. This product is widely used throughout the world, especially in Asia where there is a vibrant motorsport scene. Each product is produced and tested by our factory in Taiwan with its own dyno bed. As this product is custom made for individual vehicle, we require a week to have it made before delivering the product. There are many disbelievers out there, but once you have tried this product, you would become a believer. Don’t take our word for it, contact us for a demonstration.
  2. freepower.mtek


    Freepower Sp11 throttle controller is a device that is designed for the modern electronic throttle car. It gives you, the driver, the freedom to select the type of acceleration response you choose. 3 modes of response adjustment can be achieved: from Sports Mode which gives you a keenly sharp response for quick driving to a slower than normal response to enable eco-driving even without thinking about it.
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