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  1. Funny thing the last posts are about the lifters haha. I started to hear the same ticking yesterday. My RB25DET series 1 has 10w40 in it and about 150k kilometers on it. Ticking is pretty quiet at cold but increases when it gets up to operating temp. I'm about to drop the oil and change filters and blabla. What do you guys recommend? I used to own Hondas before my Stagea and they burn oil like hell so never had to get in depth to oils hahaha.
  2. Fatlip

    Other Wagons

    I wish we had Holden's here in Europe. I just get a giant smile on my face whenever I see clips of em on youtube.
  3. Finally have the chance to upload some pictures up here. I took quite some pics of the car but my phone broke so this is all i have for now. I'll take some more pictures when i can. It's getting real close to being mine now, can't handle my excitement hahaha. Edit! Found some more! I knew i must have had em backed up somewhere!
  4. Haha thanks! Yeah it's been kind of a dream car for me. I just love stationwagons and this one is a pretty rare sight here in holland! I'll post a pic when i have the chance!
  5. Hi there! Here's a little introduction! I'm Boyd from the Netherlands and after playing around with Honda's for a couple of years i finally have a chance to step up my game End of october i'll be the proud owner of a Nissan Stagea WC34 series one RB25DET rs four. I can't wait to have it haha! So i'm here for information and spreading the worldly love! Only about one and a have months left!
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