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  1. There should be data sheets if coming from an engineer. Has the painted intercooler gone through team check?
  2. How did Plazmaman paint their intercoolers? I want to get the black one too, but I'm afraid the paint would take away some heat transfer capability.
  3. I will measure it once I receive it to see how big is the length difference. I will weight it too. I didn't get HPI because they dent their pipe to make it fit (says so on their Japanese website and it shows on their product picture) instead of designing to make it fit. HKS has 85mm exit, and my cat back section is 80mm, I didn't want to create another step down. Midori is a true non equal length (at least Greddy tries to fake it). https://www.rhdjapan.com/midori-seibi-center-front-pipe-sus-80mm-bnr32.html Mine's is just very expensive and is made to order so will take a long time. I bought mine from FRSport.com, they price-matched another webste so I paid $314.40 USD shipped.
  4. Really? Google Translate says it is http://www.trust-power.com/products/exhausts/greddy-mxフロントパイプ/ Product features It is a front pipe pursuing smoothing of piping and optimization of pipe diameter. By improving exhaust efficiency, exhaust gas resistance immediately after turbocharger is greatly reduced, and efficient supercharging is promoted. For RB 26 DETT, it is designed to increase the exhaust efficiency by using exhaust pulsation by equalizing the length from the turbocharger to the collecting section.
  5. Yeah I saw the Midori front pipe too, but it is one of the few that is not equal length. (and most titanium ones are not equal length) I end up buying Greddy, which is cheaper but still equal length and weights slightly less than others because it is not stainless steel. Where I live I do not need stainless steel anyways. I also bought Tomei's titanium straight pipe. Will see if anything improves after I have them installed and dyno'd during the next couple months.
  6. Is there a brand preference? Because the price range is really wide, almost 3x difference between highest and lowest. Mine's ¥72,986, HKS ¥54,481, HPI ¥45,678, Greddy ¥27,210. All stainless steel except Greddy, which I think is mild steel but painted. https://www.rhdjapan.com/mine-s-front-pipe-pro-stainless-steel-bnr32-bcnr33-bnr34.html https://www.rhdjapan.com/hks-stainless-front-pipe-bnr32-bcnr33-bnr34.html https://www.rhdjapan.com/hpi-single-front-pipe-bnr32-bcnr33.html https://www.rhdjapan.com/trust-greddy-mx-front-pipe-bnr32.html
  7. Just watched it, very good info. So going big decreases back pressure, but too big will also decreases velocity and decreases scavenging effect. How about equal length? There are half a dozen choices out there, some equal length some not. For an NA engine equal length is likely important, but I'm not sure about turbo... Should I also spend another few hundred for a 80mm straight pipe to replace my 76mm?
  8. My R32 GTR currently has Reimax 60mm front pipe (was told 65mm when I bought it), but the Tomei dumps I recently had installed have 68mm exit. Is it worth spending a few hundred getting a 70mm front pipe to match the dumps? Will I loose low end torque with a bigger front pipe? Also the Reimax front pipe has 80mm exit, but previous owner had a 76mm straight pipe installed. Is it worth upgrading to a 80mm straight pipe? The cat back section is also 80mm Reimax with 115mm tip. Inputs appreciated!
  9. So saying not able to get pass 17.5psi is not exactly accurate... When first strapped onto the dyno, first pull was just shy of 20psi and got about 315rwkw or 425rwhp. I think that is on par with most people's number. But the number diminished with each pull and when we got to about 9th or 10th pull as the engine got hotter and more heat saturated, 17psi was about the max. That's why my tuner thought a better intercooler should help. I will see if he can email me some of the data. However, I just went on Tomei's website and found their dumps to be 68mm at exit. Which could be a problem because the Reimax front pipes are 65mm, but if previous owner lied to me and actually had the 60mm, then that's a major problem... The muffler is probably a lesser problem at 115mm, according to Reimax's website.
  10. Hmmm I never thought exhaust system could cause detonation. I have Tomei elbows and Reimax rest of the way with no cat, however I am not sure if I have the 60mm or 65mm front pipe. Isn't Tomei elbows 60mm exit? I have no doubt Plazmanman can run much cooler than OEM, but I am worried about the lag / pressure drop because of its size. I went for -9s because I don't like low end lag, and my tuner did a pretty good job and drives just like stock below 4000 rpm.
  11. I think you can still buy those new from Amayama https://www.amayama.com/en/part/nissan/2604208u05 https://www.amayama.com/en/part/nissan/2609208u05
  12. I'm pushing about 295kw at 17.5psi with Garrett -9s and Tomei cams. Higher than 17.5psi it would start to get detonations, and my tuner said I need a better aftermarket intercooler. Plazmaman 76mm is rated at 950hp according to their website, is that too big for what I need? And perhaps would create unnecessary lag? From what I read -9s should be able to to do 20psi, and that's all I'm trying to achieve.
  13. Hello, curious if anyone tried Cusco's front license plate offset bracket for R32. I can't find any good picture of it mounted... https://www.rhdjapan.com/cusco-front-license-plate-offset-mount-bnr32.html
  14. Very nice picture! I will likely go for 17x9 +12, so I can get more profile on the tires. Where I live the roads are just terrible and full of potholes. Now if I can decide between matte black and matte silver...
  15. Hi guys, what are you thoughts on spider web style wheels on R32? I know they are popular with GT86, EVO, or STi. My R32 has the "rarest" KH2 gunmetal, and I'm considering the "matte dark gunmetallic" Enkei NT03RR in 17x9 +15mm. My friends hate the idea, they all think spider web style wheels don't work on R32. So what do you guys think? http://www.enkei.co.jp/wheels/racingrevolution/nt03rr/index.php