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  1. You are referring to BNR32 right? I am not sure there is a rear outer tie rod bushing, but there is a ball joint and that is the part number you have.
  2. I have similar set up as yours and also getting about ~300rwkw on 17psi with 93 AKI (not sure what that is in RON), so I'm interested to see your new results. I'm confident Nistune won't be an issue for you, and my tuner had done plenty of +400kw Z32s on Nistune with stock Z32 AFMs so I'm sure your other hardware is up to the task as well.
  3. TXSquirrel

    Great! I didn't want to do it before only because I didn't like the look of welds on it. Now there is fabricator in the US making his pipes look fairly seamless as seen in that picture, I am in.
  4. Gathering thoughts/opinions on divided charge pipe. Looks like a fairly low cost way to improve consistency and perhaps some power. http://www.gtrusablog.com/2013/01/divided-rb26-twin-turbo-pipe.html
  5. TXSquirrel

    My bad, I should have phrase my sentence better. Yes Nistune reads IAT and I can see it on my laptop, just that it cannot be used as an input to the fuel or timing map. I don't think it can do safe mode trigger either, obviously I can be wrong but I think that is what EGT for. I guess Nistune probably could be improved to utilize IAT, but since it uses MAFs already IAT becomes less significant.
  6. TXSquirrel

    Mine is R32 and my IAT still sits in its stock location right before the plenum. I am running Nistune, which does not use IAT as an input anyways. So I will not be able to offer IAT data, but hopefully I can at least offer my dyno data.
  7. TXSquirrel

    Replacing 28 years old factory R32 intercooler. I will not change any piping or coupler/hose, strictly just the intercooler, so will be good data. Now I think about it, Plazmaman should share some of the cost!
  8. TXSquirrel

    Received my Plazmaman a while back, finally got around to take some pictures. As expected, all the tubes and fins are upside down... I was going to just install it and call it good, but my tuner suggests I should get some before and after data. Two pulls with factory intercooler, one at wastegate pressure and one with controlled boost pressure, then same pulls after installing Plazmaman. However weather is terribly hot here right now, so I will probably wait until October or later to do it. Hopefully I will have some good data to share.
  9. TXSquirrel

    Yeah I emailed and called them Monday morning, no response until now. $200 USD plus shipping and a 1-2 month wait... I had bad experience with polyurethane bushings, but if I don't want to get those eBay junk then looks like Whiteline is the only option left. $160 USD shipped through Amazon, so actually not a bad deal.
  10. TXSquirrel

    Just realize Whiteline uses polyurethane bushings instead of rubber. Not a fan of polyurethane, so I will try to source a pair of Hardrace. However, I found this brand I never heard of called TruHart also makes one for 2/3 the price. Have you guys heard of it? http://www.truhartusa.com/Rear_Upper_Control_Arms_for_89_94_240sx_Skyline_p/th-n201.htm
  11. TXSquirrel

    Thank you all for the information. Yes I would just like to get back to factory spec, no setup for track or anything else. My car came with Nismo S-tune coilover, which only lowers 10mm so should not be a big issue for camber. Front components are all Nismo, but but rear control arms are still factory, so they are 28 years old now. Given how old the rear arms are, I thought just getting new ones would fix the camber, but my alignment guy had doubts because of how little adjustment the eccentric bolt can do. I have never heard of Hardrace, they seem to offer a good range of products, but trying to buy them in the US appears to be a pain. I think I will go with Whiteline. Even though Whiteline only labels their upper controls arm to fit S13 and Z32, they are identical to R32 correct?
  12. Recently got an alignment for my R32 GTR, all still within spec except left rear camber. Still riding on old factory upper control arm, and the eccentric bolt is maxed out. They told me a new bushing will not make up enough of the 0.5 degree difference even if I get new OEM upper control arm. Is that a fair statement? How about the Nismo upper control arms? All the adjustable aftermarket options I find all use solid bushing, but I still want to use tradition rubber bushing, is there no such aftermarket option?
  13. Since you are running single turbo, have you considered single throttle plenum? https://plazmaman.com/product/nissan-rb26-single-throttle-body-billet-inlet-manifold/
  14. Sure thing! There are instances that one would say oh crap! after miss reading something, but this is a rare instance which you get say oh good! 😉
  15. TXSquirrel

    I can almost touch mine...