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  1. Just curious, has anyone tried 245/40/18 on 9.5? I prefer taller sidewall because of how bad the roads are in my area.
  2. A little too late my friend, you will be paying way too much for everything during the life of owning this car like the rest of us!
  3. Did you ask on EVO forum? What did they say?
  4. Haha yeah there are so many fake R35 injectors out there. However R35 guys junk them pretty much as soon as they take delivery of their cars, so just contact a shop that works on R35 and they probably have a pile just sitting and collecting dust. I got mine for $70 USD, plus I paid another $110 USD to have them cleaned and flow tested, not bad for a set of barely used quality OEM injectors. Also 570cc is the flow rate at 3 bar, but they are actually designed to run at higher base pressure, so there is still more potential if needed.
  5. If you want to stay true to Nismo/OEM and want modernized injectors, just get R35 OEM injectors. 570cc and very good atomization.
  6. But this is Hong Kong, so in 2 years it will end up just like another car in one of these garages.
  7. Ahh I see it, should make this job very convenient. Is this new? I was searching for a pre-made bracket like this a year ago but didn't find any.
  8. I would say it depends on both spoke face and offset, and the Enkei RS05RR is a good example. The 18x10 +22mm would not clear stock R32 caliper, however both 18x9.5 +22mm and 18x10.5 +15mm would. I emailed Enkei Japan directly and that's the response I got. The 9.5 is M face and 10/10.5 are R face.
  9. If you are doing retrofit yourself, expect about $400-$500 USD for equipment and various materials. To retain factory adjustment, you will need to make a bracket similar to this or cut up your factory projector. A few shops do offer retrofit service if you send over the headlights, but expect to pay double. If you are on a tight budget, then at least try upgrading factory lens like I posted. You can't just throw in a HID kit because factory lens is not designed for it, and the light would go everywhere except where you want it to. So at the very minimum you still need to change the lens if you are not doing a complete retrofit.
  10. I thought I posted a follow up to the light flare, but apparently I forgot. I added a piece of straight metal to cover up the light deflector/bracket thing designed to produce a RHD pattern, and it cured the flare.
  11. If you got time and want to save budget, you can take apart the headlights and only upgrade the lenses. You will see improvement even running on your old halogen bulbs. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/479162-trying-on-lenses-with-r32-projector/
  12. If you are in the States, that is about half the market price. So you will either get a great bargain or get scammed. How disposable is the $5k you have ready on hand?
  13. This may be a long shot, but check the metal contact on the connector and make sure it's clean. The lack of response could just be the metal not getting good contact.
  14. Just get a Greddy Informeter and get their adapter harness for pre-OBD Nissan consult. It plugs right into the consult port and gives you all the telemetries you need in unit you prefer, including MPH and coolant temp in °F.
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