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  1. For sale Stock R33 GTR ECU. Asking $200 shipped within OZ.
  2. Nismo Fuel Pump used. Came out of my R33 GTR $120 posted
  3. I have for sale a Apexi Power Fc Hand Commander Fcc3 in good condition. Will work with 95% of power fc ecu’s out there. $200 posted
  4. R33 GTR turbos for sale. These came out of a working vehicle. They are still functioning as you would expect them to with no issues. They would be ideal for someone who needs a quick replacement for their faulty turbos or someone who wants to rebuild them. $250 pick up or if shipped at cost.
  5. Brand New still in box never used. Tomei Poncams 270 degree 9.15 lift ex and 270 degree 9.15lift intake. These are a straight drop in replacement for those who want to change out their originals. Asking $ 800 including shipping. or if in Victoria can arrange to meet for pick up.
  6. Im after an auto trimmer that can re-trim my r33 GTR seats in Melbourne region. I'm after someone that can go the job with a good match to the original fabric. Thx
  7. I'm after the triangular part from an r33 that hasn't been drilled to fit speakers. I've attached a picture of mine. I need both passenger and drivers side. No holes in them guys.
  8. Wanted to know if the HKS GTRS turbos work well on an RB26. They don't seem to be a commonly used twin setup. I was after some real world experience from people that have had them in use or been in a GTR with them attached. What are your thoughts?? How did or do they feel.
  9. Nothing removed. I checked the hose that runs to the pcv valve for the restrictor and it's not in the hose so I'm assuming it was cut off sometime during the cars life. That's why I'm curious to find out why the boost is running like the restrictor is in place!
  10. R33 GTR with boost restrictor removed, but the car runs at .65 bar and holds. Not sure where to start looking to fix this problem.
  11. Anyone know where I can find someone that knows there way around a skyline A/C system so they can replace the tx valve? Don't want some ameture stuffing things up.
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