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  1. if you would like a set which is 5,000kms old or brand new... depending on your budget can always find something let her know before you buy those teins... she knows i can work wonders
  2. oi benny where you been hiding man! come down to adel soon and catchup... you seen the old beast at nickos? lookin phat!
  3. bingo haha we were actually going to stop in on friday but you had finished shift at 3pm or something she said... was gonna give you a rundown on coilovers... have a chat to her and im sure we can come down friday during the day on her day off and talk sus
  4. DC - take a guess who my gf is
  5. just wait for it oz_cefiro... the knocking and leaking will come dave - its not that they cant handle our roads... its the fact they are made in hong kong no made in japan or taiwan label... thus they go bust ive never seen a set of jap or taiwaneese coilovers go bust like d2s... my mrs s15 had d2's... all 4 knocking, 1 blew a seal completely and other had a slow leak... another s15 - 2 shafts bent and 2 seals blown... this instance is fair enough - the car was drifted at 210kph at queensland raceway but still i dont see any jap coilovers going bust when theyre pushed like that
  6. DC... youd be the new guy at optus ML with the a31 correct?
  7. 2 sets... HKS hyper d max and Section RM-A8 s13 ones here... btw do not touch D2 coilovers... 3 people have had them go bust in past 2 months
  8. mine only had rust around the rear windscreen... 1 50c piece size of rust in all 4 corners... this is in a 4 door btw
  9. hey matt have you got the pink tinted indicators still? i want
  10. pm's replied to still for sale will do the gauges for 600 delivered anywhere in aus if someone takes them asap
  11. still getting rori's id love the laurel... just dont like the whole pillarless thing
  12. hey guys, got brand new in box defi bf gauge set... consisting of water temp oil temp control unit II yes these are the black faced ones which are fully electronic... white digits and red needle... brand new in box never been installed $600 for all... dont wanna seperate cusco oil catchcan - brand new in box.. never installed... $150
  13. which kit are you getting JK?
  14. where do you find these links
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