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  1. Everyone was a winner until the fraudsters came along and ruined it.
  2. So because a thread on here got them a heap more customers, it's our fault? I think not. It's a certain few who have ruined it for the rest of us.
  3. They insured my vh sl commodore for $40k no problems at all. No photos, just modifications list and engineering paper work.
  4. Hey guys, Since starting this thread a few years back, it's been a while since I have posted. My details have changed alot. I now have a mint 1982 vh commodore with an rb25det in it. Fully engineered and on club, classic modified conditional rego. My policy for this car comes in at a premium of only $263.68 for agreed value of $40,000. $300 excess. I'm loving nrma vintage and classic. Thanks
  5. The rules in the pdf are pretty simple. if you don't think you can abide by them, then you shouldn't take out a policy with them. There is a lot of speculation going on. It would be good to here from someone that has actually made a claim. So far Im happy. Nrma vvc has saved me a heap of cash.
  6. I now have 3 policies with nrma vintage. The policy suits me perfectly and the prices are awesome. I will update with new premium prices as I need to renew. I don't think any other insurance company can come close to nrma vintage value for money. Justin Johns.
  7. Mine is Rs4s AWD manual. It sits fine on level ground but as soon as things start to move around they touch slightly on the rear coilovers (bc brand). tried 5mm spacers but it's not quite enough.
  8. Guys with r34 gtr rims on c34's. What size spacers are you using to clear the rear coilovers? Thanks.
  9. Yeah I realise that. But I thought it was only for registration purposes ect.
  10. That's awesome. But how the hell did you convince the rms to grant you a permit to travel to a car show?
  11. I think there is too much worries going on here. I would like to hear from someone who has actually made a claim.... I don't think you would have dramas if your a good honest customer. I have only had to make one claim, years ago now with just car. They were great I had no issues at all. I think you only have something to worry about if your doing something wrong.
  12. I only just insured a stagea with them a week ago. I would call again.
  13. I only just insured a stagea with them a week ago. I would call again.
  14. That's a very good pick up Terry. I just insured another vehicle and I'm happy to say my I'm still impressed with the premium prices.
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