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  1. Ben, I contacted Matt @ Nistune & he confirmed that it is a TechTom board, thank you for the contact There are not many people in Australia that can "tune" this board so basically the ECU gets shelved I am purchasing an Emtron this week so at least there will be unlimited tuning capabilities I must say that the response time of Matt from Nistune was fantastic...
  2. Yes I understand that it is a STD ECU but when I google R33 GTR ECU this is a STD comp (pic DSC00547) As mine has a 2nd board (pic 201718) stuck on top, that is what I am trying to find out details about
  3. # is 2371024U01 of the front of the ECU case Then ECU # seems to be correct when referenced by Nissan, it is the "piggy back" daughter board that I think has scrambled The battery was disconnected when shipped & then a few times after that, possibly could have lost or corrupted memory parameters From my on-line searches it seems to be an "Techtom" board which is apparently tune-able but I am still trying to find how & what program...
  4. I imported my R33 V-Spec from Japan in Dec last year, I am having a few engine tuning (missing, loss of power & extremely rich) issues which I am working thru I have replaced the usual Plugs, AFM, coil packs (replaced with Okada projects for future tuning), injectors tested & cleaned, manifold gaskets replaced... Turned the V-Cam system off & still the issue remains, next step is an aftermarket ECU I pulled the ECU out & opened it & i cannot identify what this is? it seems to have a "Daughter board" stuck on top of the main board (referred from R33 GTR ECU pics ) Questions, 1. Is this STD? 2. If not STD what make is it? 3. can it be tuned? 4. can it be removed so an aftermarket ECU can be fitted? as I am new to this any help would be appreciated...
  5. AussieR33GTR

    My R33 GTR V-Spec S3

    New Import Dec 2015
  6. R33 V-Spec Series 3 NRMA - 45k value @ 1050pa (Unlimited Mods) Shannons - 30k Value @ $2250pa (Shannons price kept increasing with modification list) As I have other policies with NRMA there quote came down a bit more Very surprising... Hard to keep under the km per year to qualify for the vintage policy @ $700 Also from my daily drivers policies NRMA claims are quick & somewhat hassle free (for an insurance company...)
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