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  1. Hey Zackery welcome back. Are you allowed guests at the auctions? That's one thing I've never checked out. Sadly I'll be moving back to oz in a month.
  2. Nissan r32 factory car cover part number: k9300-05u01 Only 5 years too late ;p
  3. Eating Ghost Chilis with famous Japanese anime singers Totally random post of me battling the singers of Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece in a Ghost chili eating competition yesterday.
  4. I went to the Mazda Turnpike (formerly the toyo tire turnpike) to test out some external mics with the go pro, and to enjoy some nice scenic driving.
  5. hey guys, It looks like we've got a few guys in the area now. why don't we set a night to meet up at daikoku??? who's keen?
  6. nismo festival 2016 video hey guys here's a quick video of the Nismo festival at fuji speedway held on sunday 11/12/2016
  7. Had the car retuned with GT-SS turbos, I'm still working out some issues before i'll be upping the boost too much. current dyno sheet at 1.2bar of boost 260wkw but the low and midrange feels so much smoother/better now.
  8. Hi Guys here are some pics of my visit to the Nissan heritage museum in Kanagawa. There were some truly amazing cars in this place.
  9. Tatsumi gets busy later than Daikoku, so i'd recommend heading to daikoku about 7-8pm, then head tatsumi way around 10-11ish. Tatsumi will be busy until the early hours of the morning, but you may have the cops roll in from time to time to kick everyone out. if this happens you can do a loop of the C1 and head back to tatsumi.
  10. if I'm in town i'm keen for this. Are you in kanagawa JDM FB group?
  11. Nice, I will try to get along to that R's meeting too if I'm not away on business.
  12. is that a japanese credit card, or from the states?
  13. nice, it sounds like midori did a great build. I'll check them out and see what they say. i've been told that a lot of shops won't tune a car they didn't build themselves, so i might have trouble getting the big name shops to tune it unfortunately.
  14. yeah it was a standard sunday at daikoku. what did you think of the turnpike? i was there a couple of weeks ago. i'm planning to get the go pros and mics on the car and head to the turnpike again sometime soon.
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