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  1. So i need to change the fluid for my r33 GTR's active LSD (it's a vspec) and i can't find any diagrams except for the regular r33. Anyone got a diagram on where the fill bolt is? (Found the drain bolt already)
  2. +1 for the fly there, drive back. I just bought a r33 GTR from brisbane and aside from getting f**ked around by the shop i booked a pre-purchase inspection with (they literally sat around doing nothing until 4pm despite promising me they would do otherwise) it went very smoothly and i drove it back across 3 states. Nothing bad happened except me being very paranoid to leave it alone ANNNND....i took a quick powernap in the emergency lane on the highway....only to find a tow truck pull up ahead of me and try reversing as if they were going to tow (and potentially steal it) so i just redlined it out of there. The drive back is tedious, but there's always nice scenery and you'll feel a lot more comfortable being able to look after your car. Just make sure to get a pre-purchase inspection of course, as there could be things needing fixes that you don't wanna be stuck out in woop woop with ;p
  3. Well, spoke to racepace today and they were very helpful, seems like everything's sorted without having to run around
  4. Hooooly shit if this happened to me, these people would have far more to worry about than the cops Anyway that sucks, i feel for you man, these kind of people are the lowest of scum. Karma will eventually get them.
  5. I booked it in to get done asap as it's drinking fuel and not even using it, it badly needs a tune (that's why i want it done asap). They're pretty booked up so i'm trying to make it as easy as possible for them (thus replacing the o2 sensors beforehand). I was planning on asking for them to install the new clutch but i diden't think they would have one there, thus the overnighting plan from justjap, since they have 1 in stock at sydney.
  6. Hi all, i need to get a new clutch by tues as i'm getting my GTR up on the dyno (my clutch shit itself on the weekend) and i was going to order in a nismo coppermix from justjap on monday and try and get it overnighted down to melb.... But i was wondering if there's any places in the city that would sell one here? I'm also running around trying to find some O2 sensors as i'm pretty sure mine are going (it's either that or the rich tune and i'm trying to deliver it to the tuning place as best as possible to make it easy for them). Anyone know of such a shop that would have either? (repco, autobarn and supercheap don't have the right O2 sensor and i can't find a place with the nismo clutch online) Thanks, any and all help much appreciated!
  7. So i need to fit new tyres ASAP for my R33 GTR and i figure "do it once, do it right". I've been looking at reviews about Pirelli P zeros and it's all quite confusing (there's a huge range within the p zeros AND a bunch of negative reviews, some of which relate to treadwear [which i kinda expect in a high perfomance tyre] and some with bad drivers blaming the tyre for them driving it in a snowstorm), so i was wondering if anyone here has fitted a set to their car before? Are they really the best money can buy? I'm looking to buy something ultra-high performance (money is not an issue) but at the same time i want to get some decent treadwear out of it (I don't expect 10 yrs but i want it to last the summer).
  8. Thanks guys, i'm gonna go with racepace i think. Does anyone know a place that can get plastic wrapped in carbon fibre (with the bath they do in the water to give it a layer) as my plastic around the dash is all scratched up and the only really shitty thing about the interior.
  9. Hi all, i finally bought myself a R33 GTR and got it back down here to melbourne, now i really need to get it on a dyno and tuned properly, where would you guys recommend that's both fairly priced and knows their rb26's? I'm also looking at getting the plastic surrounding the dash wrapped in leather or replaced for carbon fibre (it's a little scratched up and looks out of place compared to the rest of the car which is mint). Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Hi guys, i might be buying a GTR with WA rego (i'm from vic) and i was wondering what the process is like to get it signed over so i can use it in vic. The car itself is in queensland so can change of ownership papers be lodged online or am i actually going to have to drive it to WA to get it into my name (and then back to vic to register) or how does this work?
  11. Well i have to get someone to check it out since i'm keen on buying this one, so surely there's 1 good one in the whole city just to look over it and make sure it's as advertised? Which one? I was considering godzilla motorsport as they seemed to get 4 star reviews.
  12. Hi guys, i'm flying up to Brisbane next week to check out a r33 gtr and need a good mechanic to check it out for me and make sure everything's as advertised. Anyone able to help recommend someone that really knows their skylines in Brisbane? Thanks so much!
  13. I went for a test drive of a stock one tonight here in vic, pretty impressed from that alone. Makes me kinda excited to check this one out in queensland. He says he's got dyno sheets which i'm yet to take a look at, but i presume with the new turbos and fuel injectors it's going to be putting out a bit more than stock. I spoke to the guy and i'm flying up there next week to check it out, which now means i need to find a good mechanic in Brisbane who knows their RB26's. Anyone able to recommend a mechanic? Also, the car is registered in WA so does anyone know about the process of transferring from WA to VIC rego?
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