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  2. Was a great meet. I think my burger had more oil than my sump though. Big Thanks to Sammi for organizing the event & everyone who made an appearance.
  3. Wetherill park, about 1K south of the reservoir. I haven't installed those injectors yet, but they look immaculate. Depending on the outcome, they may end up in another r32. 2 quotes so far, both between $3-4k. Have to plod through the whole insurance process now, will keep u guys updated.
  4. On my way home from work this afternoon. Stopped at an unbroken white line, waiting for a gap to turn left. A second or two later I'm rocked by a solid hit from behind courtesy of an inattentive driver in a late model 5 door Nissan Patrol. Rounded the corner & pulled into a driveway to exchange details and this is the damage done. C-pillar and roof-line don't have any discernible creases or dents, and as far as I can tell the floor-pan is fine. Boot-lid closes and latches, but with a decent gap on the drivers side and a crease on the underside where the boot surround has peaked above the tail-light. Tail, brake & indicator lights all functioning, still roadworthy. I've put a lot of time and effort into this car and am considerably upset by this, what do you guys think? Repairable or write-off? The Chameleon paint was laid on the June long-weekend, hadn't even finished cutting & buffing it.
  5. I bought some violet metallic flake powder for a respray job on my R32. $25 for 25 grams, laid on a black base coat and added the flake to the clear at 5 grams per litre. Sprayed it in a carport with some tarps and it came up okay. Turns plenty of heads and I regularly get a thumb up ( IRL ) and sometimes even a " nice ride bro " out in the world. Custom Pearl Finishes is the store for anyone looking to do their own respray on a budget.
  6. IpoopThere4Iam

    R32 GTS Prep & Paint

    Preparation and painting of my R32 GTS
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome PranK. I'm in western Sydney. I do have images of the spray, I'll upload some in the DIY forum.
  8. Hi all. Recently acquired an 89 R32 GTS coupe ( RB20DE, auto ) and decided to sign up to the forum after finding a wealth of good info that has helped me with the few issues I've had to resolve. I purchased the car mid october and while mechanically sound and reliable, the burgandy paintwork was atrocious and needed to be addressed. I spent a week preparing the car for a respray and awaiting the ideal weather conditons to apply the paint. Once content with my preparation ( far from perfect ) and with a warm dry day I tarped up the carport and laid on a black acrylic base-coat, followed by several clear-coats infused with a violet-metallic flake powder, at 5 grams per litre of thinner-diluted clear. The results aren't immaculate, but I'm pretty happy with them. I still have plenty of polishing to do, and re-coated the bonnet earlier today as I just couldn't get it right the first time. The car is pretty much standard except for a pod filter ( exposed ) some interior trim, sports wheel & pedals, and the stereo. I bought it with 224,000km on the clock but it runs fine and feels strong. The only two issues I've encountered so far were replacing the passenger seatbelt ( from an S13 ) as the original jammed repeatedly, and replacing the power-window assembly in the drivers door. Looking forward to contributing to the community.
  9. IpoopThere4Iam

    Untitled Album

    Preparation and painting of my R32 GTS.
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