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  1. Ha ha thanks, sounds almost like a supercharger wine.... 😄👍
  2. So I recently replaced the cam belt (100 000km) with a shiny new blue gates racing belt. Soon afterwards I could hear a wining noise and I replaced the idler and tensioner pulleys which made no difference. So the only remaining part running on the new cam belt is the water pump, yes I know, which I should also have replaced while I was at it. So looking on eBay I get conflicting results of what fits RB series engines. Some recon that the their pumps only fits RB20/25, others only RB26/30, others all models and then lastly the "not series 2" type, whatever that means? So I believe the RB25* NEO block is the same cast as the RB26, the RB26dett type water pump should fit right? But what is a series 2 engine? Is the DE NEO water pump the same as the DET NEO water pump? On the eBay pictures I can see some pumps with one of the bolt holes slotted. But then same picture is used for different types? Anybody with personal experience please give some advice. Don't want to go through the hassle of returning water pumps and have no wheels for weeks. Cheers!
  3. Thanks I deliberately stayed away from the turbo motor as I am a bit of a lead foot.... Just so much fun hearing the RB revving up. Looking for a limited slip upgrade for the rear diff so it goes sideways a bit better. I also want to change the gear ratios (4.625 on 285/75/16) since the Patrol wheels are a bit bigger. Revs around 2500rpm at 100km/h which is a bit low for a vehicle with aerodynamics like a brick. Want to get it a bit higher on the rev range somewhere between peak torque and KW. Can anybody with an auto (4th gear) please tell me what their revs are at the same speed please? The OLD MQ Patrol weighs around 1.7 ton without accessories which is not much more than the Skyline, so performance should be acceptable. A bit out of breath right now with the diff ratios, but I should be able to fix that. Done just over 2000 km since the transplant without any issues. RB has only done around 88 000km to date so it on not even run in yet. Manage to keep the consult port so I can hookup the laptop. Everything seems fine/fixable except some strange behaviour from the O2 sensor which seems to fluctuate, actually jumps between zero and max at idle. This probably explain my less than stellar fuel consumption.
  4. Camping lights and all the electronics, laptop etc. 82 Patrol has virtually no electronics except for the radio. Now it has R34 wiring looms, central locking, power windows and 5v USB etc everywhere. Navigation, UHF and reversing camera. I even have space for a 200 watt solar panel on the roof rack. Still have a few wiring issues to sort out. Also replacing the Patrol instrument cluster with the R34 electronic cluster. Best thing is reving it up at the lights... Everybody looks for the Skyline.... none in sight! Confuse people even more when the old Patrol flies off...
  5. Hey from Brisbane Hey all, Hope my current ride qualifies.... It's a Datsun with a RB25 Neo Owned 2 Skylines and one S14 before, but on the lookout for another Skyline when finances improve again! In the meantime my 1982 Datsun MQ Patrol is the nearest I can get. It is still a work in progress but hope to finish it in 2017 So I got tired of the lame L28 3 speed auto (original un-opened motor) and replaced it with a RB25DE NEO and gearbox from a half cut a sourced 1 year ago. So I can call this the 1 year anniversary.
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