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  1. Problem solved... It was the pressure switch. My buddy and I swapped ECU, Attesa relay, checked each other's fuses, made sure things were getting power and I ground a wire and it came on. So I knew then the system wasn't dead [emoji879]️. So I had a pressure switch that I spliced in from another pump and wallah she came on. The pressure switch is not meant to be separated from the pump but I made it happen.
  2. True..I might have to run to Nissan which I'm sure they would have one
  3. nismo-r33

    I have a V Spec R33 and right now I'm trying to sort an Attesa problem and which also is only letting the left rear tire get traction
  4. Yes it's different. I don't know if power is even at the ECU. I would like to see a diagram of the system if anyone has it by any chance. Yes the pump and ECU controls the torque split between the wheels. Thanks for the input brother
  5. nismo-r33

    What did you do to get the pump working? I can't get my to even come on
  6. Hello, I have a BCNR33 and the car is not pulling all 4 wheels. The rear left tire seems to be the only one making power. I checked and my Attesa pump is not coming on and I checked for power to the pump and there isn't any. I checked fuses and I need a wiring diagram of which relays run the system. I replace the relay that's in the trunk (boot) and no change. I also had a leaking pressure switch on the pump so I spliced in another one. If anyone have any ideas of why the pump isn't getting power please share inputs.
  7. Wassup guys, I'm looking for a twin top mount setup. I know everyone is going to say go full race, but what else is out there? I'm looking to be different. Even with Tomei's titanium exhaust, I want a different titanium exhaust. So, if you have any ideas, let em fly.. This is my baby White Shadow.
  8. Wassup, I have a 95 R33 GT-R V Spec and I've been going on circles with this 4wd and A-LSD light coming on. I have cleaned the computers with contact cleaner, checked fuses, and even bled the system. I noticed the relay clicking in the trunk/boot and I started the car and studied it. So it'll click and every so often it'll seem like the contacts get stuck and keeps the pump energized and when it does that, I'll tap it and it'll stop and keep clicking. So I checked my computer for codes and it'll click fast 5 and slow 2. Anyone have any ideas? I may take the relay out and open it to see if anything looks suspicious. Just seeing if anyone has gone through this problem before. Thanks and check it out my YouTube channel NISMOLOGY INC AND FACEBOOK.
  9. nismo-r33

  10. nismo-r33

    I have a R33 GTR and pretty much since i purchased the car it will boost up to 1 bar and then bleed down to .5 bar. Im running N1's and it's pretty much a stock setup. I changed wastegates, blocked off bovs to see if it would change, but nothing has worked. I have removed the stock solenoid and the restrictor that's inside the yellow line. Still a no go. IDK what else to do. I installed boost controller and still doing the same thing. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated