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  1. Cool thanks mate, I remember a black one next to the green fuel pump relay, I’ll have a look for the other one
  2. Can any tell me where the cut wires I have shown are meant to go? Would be much appreciated thanks
  3. Fixed the light on the dash, forgot to put the speed sensors on lmao. Still get very hard shuddering on full lock turning as if the car has a locked diff, have tried new oil and additive. Still not sure
  4. Hey guys, when full locking my r32 gtr shutters like crazy as if it has a locked diff. It has fresh oil and I've also put in an additive to stop the clutches from sticking. I'm not sure if it could be because of my other problem with my awd, which I wrote up in another post >
  5. What about the trims in the boot, is there an access panel for the attesa reservoir on the gtst?
  6. Are there any differences in interior with the r32 gtr and r32 gtst? I'm looking at buying the carpet trims inside my 32 gtr boot wondering if they are any different? Cheers
  7. On the hoist you can't stop the front wheel so I think it is working, I haven't checked the torque gauge though
  8. By the way I found out the main source of clunking was because my rear subframe bushes have collapsed
  9. Can anyone tell me where any of those looms are supposed to go? Would be much appreciated
  10. Problems were - Faulty fuel pump control module (bypassed by running direct earth to pump) Coilpacks were only getting 5v Apexi ecu was fried
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