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  1. The buttons to change songs/disks sit in the cubby behind the shifter, see the pic for the controls
  2. Tape deck $500 USD, CD changer $550 USD plus postage on each, sent you a PM Hustla. Would only sell separate if I have definite buyers for each.
  3. Would really like to sell it as a set for now but will keep you in mind. Also some tape decks do not have the cd changer option port in the back so keep that in mind too
  4. Thanks, for those that think this is overpriced, think again, you cannot find these anywhere and IF you do come across one it won't be this cheap, I am open to sensible offers.
  5. Mint condition, extremely rare option, it all works including the tape player, the CD changer module sits in the cubby hole just behind the shifter perfectly, some light scratches on actual CD changer module but buttons are not faded, see pic, $1299 USD posted.
  6. JB Weld it, happened to me and now its stronger than it was before
  7. Will you ship to the US? Whats the part number on the injector? These bolt right in, no clips or plugs needed correct?
  8. $500 shipped to the US on the Tomei Dumps? If so I will take them
  9. PM me your rock bottom price with and without dumps. There is a guy selling -5's for $1200 but I am interested if the price is where it needs to be
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