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  1. I had the same problem with my gtr I bought a new dip stick and it fixed it.
  2. Awesome build mate ?. Been reading this on and off and have really enjoyed it. I really appreciate the dedication you've had to this car and wish I'd done the same sorta stuff to mine. I put a neo in my 32 nearly 10 years ago and apart from a few minor mods that's as far as I got. Hearing the sound of yours with the gate open is like a heavenly choir from the gods. Very inspirational look forward to seeing what happens in the future for this car.
  3. Great build mate ?? Going to be quite the handful when it’s done.
  4. Scratch that I’ve answered my question just checked over my vac hoses a second time and found the split.
  5. Hi all, I’ve got a 32 gtr it’s has pod filters, turbo back exhaust, rebuilt turbo’s and niztuned ecu. It’s has an Apexi avcr boost controller and is set to 1.25 or 18 psi was running fine for about a year or more but has slowly started to creep up was going to 1.35 but now going to 1.50. Just wondering if this could be caused by leaking vac hose or a sticky solenoid. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Cheers thanks [emoji106][emoji106][emoji228]
  7. Cheers thanks mate. Yeah might see how I go it's been a long build.
  8. Hi my names Pey. Been browsing for a while thought I'd might as well introduce my self. I've owned a hcr 32 for around 8 years now it's had a rb25 Neo conversion. Has been an awesome car used to do a few track days at Winton but hasn't seen any action for a while. I've also recently imported a Bnr 32 vspec 2. Needed a little work when I got it but has turned out very nice. Looking forward to doing some track days and keen to get out and meet other skyline enthusiasts too.
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