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  1. Not gktech. I bought a Mishimoto radiator and a Mishimito thermofan together. I still have the rad but I replaced the thermofan with an original fan and my temp problem went away.
  2. I had the exact same problem on my R33 GTR after I fitted a Mishimoto radiator and fan. Problem was solved when I put a factory fan back on. They are big and flow a lot of air, and they are always on. Mishimoto cap was faulty also and had leaks from the rad filler. Others have said that the Mishimoto rads are crap and always give a hot idle. I would never buy another another one.
  3. I had something similar done to R33 GTR by Leon Absolute Refinishers 0407 140 625 in Capalaba. He did a good job.
  4. So does that mean you can just keep the overflow bottle at max level and the rad will always have enough water? Or do you guys remove the cap and fill the rad from there? I'm used to cars with no rad filler just an overflow bottle so I am not sure.
  5. Does the overflow hose only work one way, from the radiator to the overflow bottle? Or is it designed to pull coolant from the bottle into the rad when coolant is low?
  6. I agree that the fans are rubbish. It does not move enough air. I replaced the Mishimoto cap with a new NISMO item and the leaks have stopped. But it does feel like the mishimoto rad is running warmer than the stock radiator did. The a/c used to work the same at idle and cruising. Now there is a noticeable difference between a/c temp at idle and cruising.
  7. Thanks Rusty. Overflow hose and spout are clear. The cap doesn't feel very tight on the 2nd twist so maybe the upper rubber seal is not seated properly - is the cap faulty? A faulty upper seal would explain the coolant leak around the filler. What is weird is the cap came with the rad and both are new. What to do? Replace the cap?
  8. Imported by Prestige Motorsports complied by Japanese Import Compliance Was a good experience
  9. Hi Guys, I am new here. This is a great site. I have an R33 GTR Vspec. I replaced my cracked stock rad and fan with a Mishomoto rad and fan shroud. The car did not overheat with the stock rad but did with the Mishimoto. We tried cutting out the fan shroud so that the aircon fan could blow through the rad but the car would still overheat even at idle on a 25 deg day. We switched back to a factory fan and overheating is gone. But now I notice coolant on the top of the rad and it seems to be pushing through the Mishimoto rad cap on hot days. Looking at the setup I can't see how the coolant overflow bottle can work, as the overflow hole is above the point where the cap seals, see below photo. So it seems like the coolant is heating up, expanding and then has nowhere to go except past the cap seal. You can see the red coolant on the top of the rad. I can't remember if the setup is the same on the stock rad. Can someone with a stock rad check for me? I also noticed that the coolant was boiling in the hoses today, which was 30+ deg. Is this normal? Any advice is appreciated.
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