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  1. Who is selling the forged 25? Is he w.a member?
  2. This is a good example why you don't trust everything you see on the internet obviously that Blake guy didn't know what he was talking about.
  3. Rattle noise is either the heat shield or timing chains. The crappy trumpet noise is just how vq engines sound unfortunately. To me it sounds more like angry elephants lol.
  4. Not to mention 4" will give the maf more resolution and make it easier to tune in general.
  5. http://www.nzefi.com/product/nissan-r35-gtr-mass-air-flow-meter-upgrade-kit/ You just weld the bung onto your existing intake piping
  6. Hi guys, I am after some advice with my 33. I have been having thoughts on selling it as I only am able to drive it every couple of weeks. I don't feel like the engine is going to last much longer with being on e85 and running 400rwhp. And if the motor goes I am looking at least ~$12K to rebuild it properly. At the moment it looks like the motor is leaking oil from the head gasket on the exhaust manifold side. There is oil higher up but it looks like majority of it has pooled near the head gasket. It needs another timing belt kit in about 20,000km but I may do it sooner than that as last time I did it was 3 years ago. Also has rear main seal leak, sump is leaking and I believe the gearbox needs to be rebuilt as it is notchy into second gear and can't always get first gear in it. I have put about $8-10K into the car in my ownership, with the turbo, exhaust, fmic, afm, coilpacks, fuel pump and multiple dyno tunes. At this point it really needs a new ECU as I'm not happy with the blow-thru setup on the car at the moment. I believe I'd need to put at least $20k into the car to get it where I want it to be and I don't think its worthwhile. What are your guys thoughts?
  7. +100000000 I regret buying the z32 maf on my car. Tuner set it up as a blow thru setup and I ended up having to purchase a alloy housing for it to go into as it blew the plastic one up. R35 maf is great.
  8. Easy enough to do with engine in the car. Just make sure you properly torque up the harmonic balancer as to not damage the woodruff key. Need to torque RB26 balancer to 300NM I believe but double check this. Always use a new balancer bolt. Apart from that follow the factory service manual 100%.
  9. Temp stays the same, yes can hear fan.
  10. I just bought a brand new one from my local Nissan dealer at a cost of $600+ I will be going back tomorrow to order a oem fan. Only reason I went gktech was to clear cooler piping but that is stupid. Thank you.
  11. Do you mean you had a gktech then went back to factory fan blade and it fixed it?
  12. Ok, the seats arrived on Friday. Have to say I am very impressed with the build quality being essentially a Chinese rip off. The recliner is strong and feels robust and the seat is comfortable and holds very well surprisingly. I bought the rails from the same manufacturer I linked in the OP and everything was bolt in. Can't complain for $650 shipped.
  13. Hi guys, I can't stop my R33 from raising in temp on idle. On cruise it will sit on thermostat 78 degrees, however once idling it will very slowly climb had it up to about 83 degrees idling for about 15 minutes and if I left it longer would have kept raising. If aircon is on it will sit on 95 degree idle, which I've had up to 105 degrees and will not go down unless driving. This leads me to believe that its not getting enough air to cool the radiator at idle. Radiator has been replaced with a brand new Mishimoto to try solve the issue, also has been running a GKTech fan (have never tried oem fan as wouldn't clear the cross over pipe when installing the intercooler). I think the GKtech should be better than the oem fan anyway as apparently it pulls 30% more air. Car also has a brand new genuine clutch fan, new oem water pump and the coolant has been flushed and replaced with the correct coolant and was vacuum bled to ensure no air. I am at a lost as to why it is gaining temp, my friend suggested I may have the gktech fan on the wrong way around but when I put my hand behind the fan its pulling air towards the motor which I believe is correct because you wouldn't want the fan to push air against the rad instead you'd want it to pull it thru? Thanks.
  14. Ended up sending it and buying them anyway. Will report back in a couple weeks how they go gtr seats too hard to find and are in bad condition.
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