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  1. Dam this is so annoying, I don't think it's cam seal unfortunately because it's nice and dry around the cam covers/half moon. You can see the weep is coming out between the block and head, it's minor but I want everything to be 100%. I will take a photo today sometime and see what you guys think.
  2. Had block and head freshly skimmed to correct surface finish as per nitto recommendations. Has been in car for 3,000km today I did an oil change and checked over everything and have found a slight oil leak on the turbo side right at the back where the 10mm bolt is. I checked torque on head bolts and made sure the 10mm bolts were torqued correctly and they are. My tuner said it's fairly common and nothing to worry about, is this correct or something I should look into rectifying? Thank you.
  3. Installing Link Can Lambda in my R33 Skyline, it wants the power to the wideband to be its own seperate source from a relay. Issue is my battery in my r33 is in the boot, would I need to run one separate wire from the battery, then run it thru the fuse box to a 10 amp (as per diagram supplied by Link) and then to a new relay I'll have to setup in the engine bay? Is running a fuse inline not really the done thing, I was going to do this but a mate suggested against it. Also the intake air temperature sensor, is that best to be in the cooler piping before the throttle body? I'd assume you wouldn't want it on the intake side of the turbo.
  4. It'll be fineeeee. What's the worse than can happen Ben? Honestly OP, the whole thing sounds suss. To answer your original question to make 500hp on a rb26 is fairly easily and you don't really need to rebuild the engine if its in good condition to start with. For 500hp, you would need to hi-flow the twin turbos, potentially upgrade the injectors and nistune the ecu.
  5. Hey Kiwi, can you link me to a genuine Mac Valve, I purchased one off ebay that said it was genuine but when it arrived today its unbranded and looks like junk.
  6. The link has better engine protection, I thought e-throttle was better because it controls the idle and you can delete the IACV and some vacuum lines which are associated with that. I haven't found many people who are doing that in saying this. I am happy to stay fly by cable, I will order the MAC valve now. Also my car only runs 20psi of boost is the onboard 3 bar map sensor not good enough?
  7. After making a couple threads and doing research I came to terms with the fact to do it properly I'd need to spend money on a link or haltech ecu. Link being the choice as value wise it outshines haltech. Link supports e-throttle so I can delete the iacv too which is beneficial to me as it has been a bit faulty and cleans up my ffp install. How would I go about setting up the e-throttle and what is general used?
  8. The d22 navara have similar internals. Unfortunately the input shaft is longer so you would have to space it back by use of an adaptar plate which also means modifying driveshaft, clutch line and shifter. You can't machine the input shaft to suit as cutting it down resplining isn't possible with the smaller od, as shaft tapers down past the spline.
  9. Never ever, ever tee into the wastegate line. Get rid of this now, if the wastegate signal gets altered you can overboost the motor and blow it up. Tee it off the factory boost gauge line that goes onto the sender for the gauge. Or you should have a vacuum line going off the front of the throttle body hard to see from the photos but if you take a photo from this direction I can show you which one to use.
  10. As previously mentioned I would first check out your turbo buddy and check it is in good condition. If it proves to be in good condition, I would get a radiator pressure testing kit. It will pressurize the cooling system and you will find where its leaking from. Make sure to take out spark plugs when doing this, as it may fill up the cylinder with coolant and you do not want it to hydrolock. Turn it over once the test is down with the spark plugs out to be sure.
  11. Yes, I ordered the plenum took about 4-5 weeks to arrive. Have to say I am quite impressed with the quality of the workmanship definitely worth the money in my opinion. Everything fit perfectly, didn't even have to modify throttle cable. The only let down I've had is waiting on my turbo manifold to arrive and need to get intercooler pipe work finished off.
  12. Ended up finding the culprit the right side bank cat was completely clogged I'm surprised the motor was able to run as well as it did. Replaced it with a hi-flow cat and idles perfectly.
  13. Thanks everyone for their advice. I am very interested to know where I can get second hand haltech plug and play or a link g4 for 7-$800 because I've been searching everywhere. I have messaged slap regarding the Wolf 3D will just need to make sure my tuner can tune it. I quite like the HKS F-Con V3.3 ecu, has all the engine protection features/logging/rotational idle and heaps more and can get out of japan for $800 landed. Tuner close to me use to be hks authorised tuner still has software and can tune it for $550. His workshop specialises in evos but does tune a fair few skylines.
  14. I don't believe VQ35 have IACV. They have e-throttle which controls idle.
  15. My friend has a 2005 V35 Skyline 350GT. It has been stalling coming up to lights, but only if you accelerate quickly and then put the brakes on. The idle is shaky and feels like the car will stall. I know the Cam sensors have been replaced in the last 50,000km, from what I've read online the VQ engines quite commonly have issues with these and the symptoms this car is having is close to this. But I'm not sure as I don't believe there is a way to test this? I have pulled all the plugs out, nothing wrong on the ignition side of things. Compression is good at 180psi over all 6 with a variance of 5psi. Replaced with new plugs, and good coils same issue. Can not find any vacuum leaks, cleaned the MAF sensor and have replaced the fuel filter for good measure. The car has 175,000km on it is there anything I am missing to check?
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