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  1. Thanks guys I've just placed an order for a Koyo and will report back.
  2. Water pump is 100%, new genuine Nissan unit. I will try rebleed coolant tomorrow. New genuine mishimoto radiator no good?
  3. Were you able to monitor your temps? stock gauge doesnt start moving until 105 ..
  4. Cheers at the moment it comes on with the compressor. Already have Link G4+ ecu and it is setup like this. Yep its working, I'd say it puts out slightly less air than the clutch fan though. Maybe I should replace this fan?
  5. Yep, they are nitrided. A lot of factory crankshafts are nitrided from factory..
  6. Linishing a rb crank is a bad idea will remove the nitrided surface. Will be interesting to see how it goes.
  7. Only does it with ac on any suggestions?has new clutch and fan, water pump, pressure tested and properly bled. ac on will get up to 100 degrees on 40 degree day, i turn ac off and slowly come back down to 78-80
  8. Honestly after trying most dealerships local, I'd highly recommend dealing with Kudos Motorsport. -Blake.
  9. Just for reference, my old mans ls3 with 13.5:1 comp ratio was 205-210 across all 8. Comp tester must be dodgy.
  10. Welding won't fix it, it will be due to pinion bearing wear and the pinion/ring gear mesh is slightly off causing it whine. Needs rebuild to fix, and depending on how long its been driven like this the pinion/ring gear might need to be relapped. -Blake.
  11. I installed a new mlsr permaseal headgasket on my Rb25. Have had no issues with it except a oil weep near the back left of the block. Its very minor, but annoying as has no oil leaks anywhere else. I need to do timing belt soon and was thinking while belt is off I should replace with factory headgasket and reuse the arp head bolts. Car makes 400rwhp and about 20psi, tuner said it should be okay but not too confident. I don't know what to do.
  12. Hey did you get a chance to take a photo? Cheers.
  13. Can you show me how you've setup your battery clamp?
  14. Yes I do see the logic in doing this, it's just that I found my old boost controller was hooked up to the ignition and it was less work to wire it up like this. I've stepped it up to 14 awg which is rated to 20amps on the package no issue yet.
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