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  1. I refuse to believe it's rust even though it is.
  2. My 33 has pin holes in the boot floor, just wondering what the best way to cover these up, I was considering doing tact welds and cleaning it up nicely but will have to drop fuel tank. Doesn't appear to be due to rust rather gravel/sand hitting it.
  3. It seems like no one makes seats to suit the skylines which are road legal. Easy looking at $2500 for a pair of seats. I was only looking at spending $1000 maybe 1500.
  4. Anyone know a place that will afterpay a crank pulley for a Rb25?
  5. Bit of an update. I did the whole timing except for the two secondary tensioners which are good anyway. Also replaced the right side bank vtc gear. Doesn't appear to be making noise anymore, must have been chain, tensioner or vtc gear. Will update post in couple weeks when can be sure it is the solution.
  6. I'm looking at buying some seats to suit my r33 gtst as stock seats don't have enough support. I have found r33 gtr seats for $1500 locally but bit more than I want to spend for second hand seats. Are their any better options for new seats which are safety tested or other good options. Please show me what you guys are using. Thank you.
  7. Hi guys, my girlfriend has a v35 skyline with the vq35de engine. Around 2000-3000rpm it has a rattle noise in the motor but it won't do it all the time. I don't believe its heat shields but I've pried them off and made sure they have more than enough clearance not to touch exhaust. I've read on here that the issue can sometimes not be the chain but the vtc cam gear can cause the noise. Is there anyway I can diagnose this to be 100% sure what the issue is as doing the chains is a big job especially if it's not the problem. Car has no rattle on start up and otherwise drives nicely and has no power loss.
  8. Because the factory rbs seem to be able to last and take a fair bit of abuse. But then you can have a guy who has a forged Rb and the bearings last one event.
  9. I have not seen a rebuilt Rb last like the factory one though. Even my tuner said once you take apart the bottom end you let the unicorn out. Rbs just can't handle abuse and barras around here are cheap and easily available. The neo I'd have to get shipped but that is a good price. Also barras weigh 250kg with everything on, Rb25 is 210kg with everything on. 40kg surely can't make that much difference? I'm sort of talking myself into the Barra conversion, only thing putting me off is car wouldn't be street legal..
  10. Unfortunately the motor in my 33 is worn out after a good 4 years of ownership with most of it at 400rwhp. I've been quoted $5.5k to rebuild to factory spec with upgraded oil pump gears. Would I be better to swap a Barra engine in? I can pickup a fg xr6t motor, 6 speed gearbox and ecu for $5k with 40,xxxkm on it. Neos are upwards of $4.5k. What should I do? I can see the Barra conversion being expensive.
  11. Is it worth the $1400 aud to upgrade my vlsd to 1.5 way kaaz? I mostly street drive the car, but last time I went to the drags it would one wheel peel for a bit before both wheels hooked. I do plan to go to the track at some stage as well. Do they make the car handle much better? Is it noticeable street driving?
  12. Hi guys, just wondering for those who have done a Hicas delete. What did you guys do with the spare wiring in the boot? Going to get a 38mm blind grommet from Clark rubber today to seal up the big hole. I've also noticed unfortunately my 33 has tiny rust holes underneath the spare tyre where I guess the water has caused from where it use to pool up from the headlights letting it in. Is it appropriate to use body sealer to seal these up, or is there a better solution? I'd wire wheel them, then paint and body seal over. Thank you.
  13. Hi guys, I couldn't find clear and concise information when searching. I have a 2005 v35 350gt Skyline. It has the factory stereo which is Non-Bose. I would like to install the 2din Android auto head unit I have purchased. Would this facia kit suit my car? How would I bracket the radio to this facia, and is it a straight bolt up or would it require modifications I'm not familiar with how the v35s secure the radio. Thank you for any help, or if there is a better option. I'm not a fan of the mantra or aerpro kits.