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  1. Hi guys, today I installed a Exedy 5 Puk clutch (car is going to be used for drifting). Everything went well on the installation side no issues. With the clutch pedal all the way up, it has about ~5mm of dead play (within Nissan spec 3-5mm). The clutch seems to use the whole pedal to disengage, but isn't fully disengaged until about 10mm from the clutch pedal hitting its stop. It also fully engages about 3/4 of the stroke of the clutch pedal, about 15mm from the top of the pedal. Is that correct, or does it require adjustment. So in summary: Clutch pedal disengages fully about 10mm from bottoming out. Clutch pedal fully engages about 15mm from its maximum "up travel". Is this correct, I left the pedal adjustment as it is from factory I have not played with anything. Clutch was bled about 10,000km ago, and with the old oem clutch was good just its engagement/disengagement points were different. Thank you.
  2. Shh don't tell him that haha. For real that fibreglass repair was so good, its almost like a new one
  3. You can't bash limiter in an rb, its not ideal but it happens in a drift car. The 25 in my 33 is tired, I don't want to spend 15-$20k building it just to suffer oiling issues drifting. Might be better to LS swap it idk.
  4. Agreed, in street form they don't have an issue. But really a GTR (Grand Turismo Racing) as coined by Nissan, they never expected people to race them? A 2JZ is a street engine, but the oil pump drive on those is nearly bulletproof. Don't get me wrong, I like RBs but theres not really a solution for the oil pump issues that doesn't cost over $12-15K and not reliable long term (i.e can't use dry sump on the street long term, as they require constant inspection and maintenance). Ls1 = gods engine Because they had to work to a budget, I understand that. The japs are generally really good at making engines, everything else about the RB is great, but the thing that really mattered was butchered 30 years later and the aftermarket still hasn't really fixed it though, I'm not keen on spending $20k on the engine just for it to have oiling issues. Nitto sine drive looks promising and I'll probably end up buying it for my build.
  5. Did Nissan not test the RB26 with the wet sump in racing applications? I understand Nissan used dry sumps when they raced the 26 in GT. I pulled my 25det down this week, the oil pump design is terrible. About 4-6 thou of sloop in the gear from factory? Nearly no noticeable wear on the gear. I wonder why Nissan couldn't use a similar design to the LS pump design, they don't seem to have any issues. Also I'm now wondering if the Nitto crank collar and hardened billet oil pump is going to be good enough or if I should go with the Nissan Sine Drive. The billet pump gears have about as much play between the collar and the gear as the factory one ~5 thou.
  6. Just wondering what do you drive?
  7. Good point, I don't think the VQ makes enough power. But there's not many other cars in the 30-40k price range that can come close to what an RB can put out with ~$15k spent on it. It's a tough one, considering spending the extra upgrading the 33. Haha same mate, not too keen on the Genesis. But I quite like the Stinger, I'm holding out for the 400Z can't decide what to do but. Yeah I definitely prefer how the 370z looks, I don't mind my series 2 r33 from the front but the back end is ugly in my opinion. Could have sworn it was about a Patrol, but you are probably right. Not sure where else to ask and I appreciate your guys opinions. I think I really need to test drive one, going to see if I can tomorrow.
  8. Been considering selling my R33, stripping all the aftermarket parts off and selling it as a stock example. And upgrading to a 370z that I'd ideally buy a ~2015 model for around $35k and with the extra money from selling parts off my 33 put a supercharger kit on the 370z. How would a 370z with a Stillen supercharger kit compare to my 33 which makes 440rwhp? I mostly want to upgrade because the car is much newer and I won't have to deal with rust/seal issues which will likely crop up with the 33 soon. However I've also spent a lot of money on the 33 and owned it for the last 8 years so its going to be difficult for me to sell.. Opinions?
  9. Hi mate I have put a vq35de into a r33 drift car. The wiring is straight forward, I can send you thru the engine harness diagrams for both - it does require some work, took me a weekend but only spent about 6-8 hours total on it going slowly. You will need to notch the chassis rails, since the r33 was a stat write off, we cut out about 20mm and boxed it back in. On a street car it would be more suitable to make some new headers for clearance. I believe r34 shared the same chassis rail width as a R33. You will also need to bash the firewall in for clearance of the gearbox, and cut a new hole in the trans tunnel for the shifter (I believe serial nine may have a shifter that puts it in the right spot now though). Other than routing new ac lines, power steering lines, fuel lines, charcoal canister, brake booster lines etc its a fairly straight forward. Definitely wasn't worth the effort in my opinion, go an LS.
  10. Awesome thanks for sharing I've just made a couple orders. Wish someone local sold them but 😅
  11. Hey dude those ones are the internal size I meant the bolting hole size 🙂
  12. P-Clamps are super useful and I've used them in place of zip ties for several reasons on my car. For some reason locally and online all I can find is P-Clamps with 8mm mounting holes, but I've seen them on other cars being used on even 12mm bolts. Yes I have tried drilling them and it doesn't really work not enough material there. Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks mate, really appreciate your help your suggestion lead straight to the cause.
  14. Issue sorted, I ended up having to pull the whole dash out of my car and replacing the heater core. Heater core must've exploded or been leaking for a bit. Soaked those connectors in question with coolant, took it all apart cleaned it out with contact cleaner. Replaced the heater core made sure it doesn't leak and put it all back together and have my speed signal back. Replace those heater cores guys, they're getting too old now lol.
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