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  1. EFI Solutions also has the rubber stopper bit. I did this on my R34 and had to take apart the lower section of the steering column for better access of squeezing the bloody thing in there.
  2. You can google your way to Nissan Japan recall site There you can run the VIN. From what I could translate my 98 GTT is not affected.
  3. Any update on this? My 34 has developed this issue.
  4. Ryco or other? I tend to think ryco looks abit restrictive but dont trust cheaper ebay spec. Are there others?
  5. Same symptoms I had when mine was failing on a r34. As I took it to my mechanic to get it fixed I'm not sure on where to buy them from. Hope you find asap as its feels bad to be part of those douches that don't indicate.
  6. Are you forgetting that the stock boost of the R34 is 7 PSI. This is just bypassing the 2 stage boost solenoid to run the full 7 PSI from 3000 RPM. He will have the same boost even after doing this mod......unless he drills out the restrictor hole.
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