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  1. I am here from Southern California, As for your car I love it! I am hoping to add a BNR33 to my collection in the next few years. My BNR32 came from jdm expo also.
  2. Mine finally arrived I just neglected to mention it. Ive put about 3k on it since I got it.
  3. Nice! I like the GTR wheels on it. Any build plans for it?
  4. Any pics of the Stagea?
  5. Very Nice I have read quite a bit about them. They were one of the places I contacted when looking for mine. Definitely a hassle free option. Was it very difficult to get it titled in NY?
  6. Looks good man very clean. Who imported it for you?
  7. 12k Is not a bad price. Any pics? GTR?
  8. Seriously though! If a 1200HP Bugatti Grand vitesse w16 quad turbo can get a California plate and pass smog I know that the RB26 can easily. Sounds to me like It's more political than pollution related obviously. From what I've researched It's been done but the costs to bring a gmv into compliance are upward of 10k, and well 15k is what I was quoted for the skyline then it has bi annual smog to pass regularly so no aftermarket mods either. Thats absurd I just want to go to car shows, visit the track and occasionally cruise it around with other classics. It wont even see 1500 miles a year. We have stupid hippies running things around here though. As soon as it arrives godzilla and I are going on a vacation to a no smog state for a few weeks to visit some family.
  9. I'm in CA (Yes I know C.A.R.B nazi's) it'l be a track car.
  10. I got an R32. It's has an Hks 2.8L kit
  11. My Name is DJ Hello from California USA. I just got mine well not technically because its still on a boat. Hopefully in a few short weeks I will be able to see it for the first time. I also have a 2016 STI and a 2004 SRT4 Stage 3