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  1. Whats up guys. So I have been trying to figure some stuff out before I do this mod. I know this thread is very old but maybe the GTR gods can help me out. From my understanding the aux fan comes when temps go over 90c. Does the fan come on only when the aircon is on or does it come on any time the engine goes over 90c regardless. I ask because my fan comes on without a problem when the aircon is on and it goes over 90c but it does not come on with the aircon is off. The service manual under the coolant section says to jump the plug just like the user before me did but it only comes on instantly if the aircon is on. I think I am having issue with the aux fan coming on independent from the aircon. I may be wrong so please correct me if thats not how it work. I have all the hardware to do the mod.
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