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  1. C34 LED Tail Lights Installed Ordered back in December and they finally got installed last week RizeJapan one off LED tail lights LED on the left, Standard on the right and a short youtube video to show all the different blinker/hazard patterns
  2. http://www.masamotorsports.com/m34mc If you can't find a factory one, MASA Motorsports makes a 260rs style one ~50,000 JPY (~600 AUD)
  3. previously posted pics of LED High beam install, had my guy put in some LED fogs while I was out of town a few weeks back, no install pics just in action Fogs with headlights off (just the daytime running light inside each headlight housing) All of the lights (factory low beams, LED fogs and LED high beams)
  4. Installed LED high beams from Rize Japan, amazed by the design. Large heat sink, adjustable length and orientation of the LEDs, and even mounting points for zip ties on the small control box
  5. Update: New accumulator installed, 4WD light still coming on but only once the car is sitting at a stop for a while. Restart the car and the light goes away as long as I'm driving. Next step will be to check the ATTESA control unit while the 4WD light is on to see what code it blinks out, but from some other internet research it sounds like it may be an issue with the G sensor, in which case I'll be looking at a Do Luck digital G sensor or just go for the full DTM II set up Bonus: Most recent outting with the Stagea to Daikoku PA unfortunately that R34 and FD got in the way of my shot
  6. Atop Mt. Haruna (made famous as Mt. Akina in the Initial D series)
  7. I'll try to grab a pic after work, its brown in color if I remember correctly. Found the diagram below, where it should be the part in the top left labeled " リレー "
  8. speaking of switches, anyone know where to get a relay for the luggage fan switch? Mine seems to be missing
  9. Replaced my center AC vents/trim with a fresh one from Yahoo auctions, wasn't necessary, but there were some small nicks and scratches on it when I got the car also bidding on a Carbing Okuyama rear tower strut bar and a Do-Luck rear crossbar
  10. Update: So I learned the R33 GT-R ATTESA assembly is not a direct replacement, as the mounting brackets are different, however the pump and accumulator were able to be transferred over to the Stagea brackets. After replacing the pump and accumulator with some used parts there were still some issues, and upon further investigation my mechanic found a couple clogged points in the line, which may have caused the old pump to wear prematurely. Car is still not 100% but we think its the accumulator so we are sourcing a new one from Nissan
  11. dropping it off tomorrow to get this installed, may go ahead and replace the accumulator while I'm at it
  12. ah I see, I'm currently on Ohlin's shocks and I haven't noticed any weird sounds, however there were some marks on the shocks from the previous owner. I can't know if thats from the r34 wheels or wheels they may have had before
  13. I don't believe I'm running any spacers on mine, but I've got 4wd model
  14. turns out it is in fact the pump, so working on sourcing a used one, possibly from down under, and I'll likely replace the accumulator while I'm at it my mechanic also swapped the relay for me while it was there because he had a spare one laying around, but no change
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