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  1. Searched the forums and the part number 'RDA8129' didn't show up. Are these a direct replacement for stock rotors? Diameter 290mm Original Height 49mm Original Thickness 28mm http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-Stagea-290mm-Disc-1996-2001-FRONT-DISC-BRAKE-ROTORS-RDA8129-PAIR-/281752305235?hash=item4199befe53:g:iPsAAOSwd0BVsaAM Cheers.
  2. Here's my experience if it helps anyone out; Did mine today and found the bolt head can't move as seen here: and i couldn't get enough 'grab' using an open ended spanner without it rounding and couldn't fit a ring spanner on as above the nut it tapers in. Ended up buying a 'flare spanner set' from supercheap and grinding it down to fit. S2 C34 RS4
  3. Found a way to get the error codes (http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/190973-4wd-light-for-s2s) I got 74 (E-TS/LSD actuator motor) and 76 (Pressure Switch) Where would I find the pressure switch / how to test and is there a way to directly run the pump to see if it works? E.g. bypass the pressure switch if that's what turns it on?
  4. Yeah I had a look and there's no visible signs of it being done already unless they did it somewhere hidden or from the ecu end of the wire. If it's running Hugh boost already constantly I might just leave it. it'll save me the hassle of cutting/grounding it.
  5. For anyone finding this later. It is the consult diagnostic plug and 4th pin on the bottom (middle) that you ground (I used a test light attached to the car)
  6. For anyone finding this thread in the future. The above link I posted worked for me. (http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/190973-4wd-light-for-s2s/page-1)
  7. Regarding the mod here: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/42895-howto-rb25det-high-boost-mode-with-standard-solenoid/ Before doing the mod I took my car for a drive to get a baseline on where the guage reads. I found that even at low rpm (=>2500) it's already boosting to the first mark on the boost gauge (which im assuming is 350mmhg or 7psi?) And after 4500rpm it doesn't get any higher. Do some stage as not have the dual boost solenoid mode from factory? I've got a s2 c34 rs4
  8. Cento, this looks promising; http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/190973-4wd-light-for-s2s/page-1
  9. Sorry to bring up an old thread. When it says to ground the middle terminal, is that referring to the consult plug under the dash and the 4th terminal across on the bottom?
  10. No luck so far mate. Got a mate with a consult connector so I'm going to chuck it on tomorrow and see if it comes back with anything. If you work it out please let me know mate
  11. My understanding of that list is that it's saying the 4wd light wouldn't be illuminated for error 55 on that list? Also that list corresponds to the led flashing light on the Attesa ecu in the boot (which mine does not have a flashing led)? Is there another list hidden away somewhere that corresponds to the consult port fault codes?
  12. Asked a mate today who said he might have one. If I shorted out the two pins and got 5 slow, 5 fast (No fault?), Will the consult pickup on the 4wd light error? I'm from Gosford,NSW (1 hour north of Sydney)
  13. I've got a 98' Series 2 Stagea and the 4wd doesn't work (See more here: http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/463038-help-with-fault-finding-attesa-system-attesa-ecu-c34/#entry7685341) Just wondering how do i retrieve error codes relating to the 4wd system? I've got to the ABS/ESP computer (Also 4wd?) and a few forum posts reference a red flashing light through a hole or someone said it is on the PCB itself. I've pulled the cover off the computer and could not see a light anywhere (See photos attached). Is there another way to get the codes?
  14. Yep, looks like you're right. Damn. Pump isn't working Hmm, i might have to wait until nightfall to see. I just bolted the ecu back into place. Anyone know what the plugs posted below are for? I'm guessing the Blue one is for the pump (Has power both when the green plug from the first post is plugged in or not?) Anyone know what this other one is for? it goes to various parts around the pump to other parts however does not get power whether the green plug is plugged in or not?
  15. Yeah reservoir is a little over full. Yeah i don't plan to.
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