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  1. was in the high 120s at 13psi thats all I have for now.
  2. The car is fixed and he drives it often.
  3. We took the car to the track. The car got stuck in safety boost some how. Also ended up killing the front diff. Customer does not want to go back to the track yet and risk hurting the car again.
  4. So you are saying that the exhaust housing is incapable of flowing enough air through it to spool the turbo its self? So in your theory you seam to think we dont know what the exhaust housing will flow..... well we do
  5. Ok, so the turbos glowed and the boost dropped off... Turbos glowing - excessive egt.... why? Boost falls off - Compressor cant keep up (out of flow). Not related to exhaust housing restriction. If anything boost would remain at targeted level because the gases cant escape the engine quickly enough.
  6. Look, I was letting this thread sit till we ran the car at the track except I keep getting multiple emails a day with you jack holes cluttering up the tread. I am not stating anything until I run at the track. So we are looking for high 130mph?
  7. What do statistics have to do with definitive measured data? FYI - you still have not answered my question. hint: its because you dont have the information to answer said question.
  8. That is assuming that anything after the collector is in fact a restriction... You have no data showing that it is or that an externally gated setup will benefit this specific application. I would also like to point out that everyone seams to be laying the burden of proof on me. Has anyone here specifically dyno'd on a dynojet to say that it reads high? Car will see the strip. Just got the clutch sorted out. Now working on a tire rub issue.
  9. I dont need to google anything. I am the one here that made record numbers on -5 turbos. I specifically asked YOU what is the restriction? What is the back pressure ratio on -5's? What is the back pressure ratio change when externally gated? What specifically is the advantage to externally gating these turbos on this engine?
  10. A restriction compared to what? Any turbo will be a restriction.
  11. what makes you think the factory gates are restrictive?
  12. And the Camaro in the pic dyno'd about 15whp lower than our dynojet. Quite a bit off from how far you guys have said it should be.
  13. no sir, we have the Aussie calibrations. Made sure of it.
  14. Its a Mainline..... Straight from "down under". Still have the dyno builder here setting it up.
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