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  1. Yes they are tough I missed the second gear (hand slipped off the stick🤪)last year and popped a shim in the head revving to 9.5k 😑
  2. I have OS set in mine for last 4-5 years 400-440 kw no problems yet , even Os quad plate went and the box still good
  3. So ended up using spray degreaser and washed it down with soapy water and hosed it down and let it sit for a week . luckily they haven’t chewed up any wires that I could see. Anyway It started up first go👍
  4. Thanks buddy , yes I was going to use degreaser then a light wash , and leave it for a week or two before I start it. Im surprised no one else had this issue
  5. Lol i wish I Was as funny as you
  6. Lol secure car park I’m hitting it with gurnie this weekend and hope for the best.
  7. Yes if I could .lots of rat shit and urine on engine covers , under plenum around injectors.... all over engine and all stuck badly I tried blowing them off but no luck 🙁
  8. Lots of rat shit and ruin on top of engine
  9. Hey people so I started my car(after a month)and let it warm up for 10-15min and walked away like an idiot , and only realising when sitting back in the car of the smell, I got rid of most rat shit but I’m sure there is more , and worried about chewed up lines and wires?😒 Just wanted to know if steam/hot water cleaning by a professional car detailer is safe? Cheers
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