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  1. Hi Have few exterior parts for sale they are in good/average condition -Front windscreen cowling $100 -Rear window cowling $50 -Body weatherstrip retainers $300 ( $660 new each) -Pillar garnishes $100 -Bonnet seals $20 -Window glass seals $200( $250 new each) -Door seals $250($330 new each) -Boot rubber $20 -N1 ducts(one has few cracks and chips in paint) $100 -GT badges(few nicks and chip in paint) $150 for all Items located in Willoughby NSW Buyer pays for shipping For fast response Text o4o8844383 Cheers Bruce
  2. I thought you can’t use cam/crank trigger kit with platinum pro , might want to go with elite 2500
  3. “The truth hurts but silence kills” Mark Twain
  4. I bought clutch through RHD couple of years ago close to $2k and wasn’t charged anything ,can’t remember if they asked me if I wanted to record a lower price or not.
  5. https://trust-kikaku.myshopify.com/products/oem-nissan-xenon-headlight-assy-rhs-bcnr33
  6. I have a pair or brand new 33GTR Xenon headlights for sale.includes second hand ballasts and bulbs (still in Japan). was going to put them on, mine came up nice so no need for them , and not in rush to sell either. you will need backing plate , only found one and that was going for crazy price so you might be able to make something up. They go for $10k-$12k in Japan Asking Price is $9000 firm. Pm or text o4o8844383 Thanks Bruce Ps : Willing to trade with EFR 8474 1.05 hypertune manifold Motec M150
  7. You should, Start taking parts off and copy them
  8. $680 for the pair delivered . yup oem parts going through the roof check out The backing plate for Xenon headlights in Japan $2500 us for ONE ? https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/q370379165
  9. According to kudos genuine Nissan ABS plastic and in stuck
  10. It says genuine Nissan, and asking $750 so not sure .Just sent kudos an email
  11. That’s what I was worried about . Kudos and Vega autosports , RHD Japan, still have them Online well I guess I will find out in a few weeks.
  12. Hi guys My car is going for a re spray in couple of weeks ,glass out job ,I bought all the trims and rubbers to go with it. i have N1 ducts in the front bumper that has a few chips on the paint and needs to come out to be painted. my question is are they easy to remove and put back (by the painter) or am I better of buying new ones? Thanks
  13. It’s expensive,I paid $300 for bonnet mat from Trust Kakiko with DHL ? and got in 4days and been waiting for 2 months for rubbers and trims with kudos motorsports.
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