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  1. Hi, Thankyou to all the organisers of the GTR Festival and the Heritage Display. I am the owner of the R32 Nismo that was on display. I have included below the specs and details of the car as well as an article from the web on the Nismo spec. If anyone has any more info on the Nismo spec, please feel free to share. Many racecars are released onto the general public for homologation purposes in order to race. For Nissan and there tuning arm NISMO, back in 1990, they released a short production run of 500 Nissan GT-R’s to justify the changes they made to their race car’s in Group A Racing. Group A Racing referred to production-derived vehicles limited in terms of power, weight, allowed technology and overall cost. Group A was aimed at ensuring a large number of privately owned entries in races. Well there were actually 560 units produced of the 1990 NISMO Nissan GT-R, but 60 of those units were used for racing and 500 were sold to the general public. What makes this NISMO GT-R different from a regular R32 Skyline are all the aerodynamic changes, including additional ducts in the front bumper to improve airflow to the intercooler, a bonnet lip spoiler to direct more air into the engine bay, rear wheel arch spats on side skirts, Nismo boot sticker, no radio or radio buttons on dash, no rear wiper, no arco/climate control, no ABS and an additional boot lip spoiler to provide more downforce. However, the purchaser could option with/or without any of the previous.The 'Nismo' GT-R was only available in Gunmetal Grey. Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/1-of-500-1990-nissan-skyline-gt-r-nismo-edition-s-currently-for-sale-on-ebay Details on car: BNR32 - 100518 Nismo Build #518/560 A previous owner in Japan had it painted in the colour white. Nismo side skirts and spats Nismo/N1 turbos Nismo boot lip Nismo boot sticker Nismo front bar vents for better airflow to intercooler Nismo bonnet lip Nismo 260kph speedo Radio Air conditioning/climate control No ABS No rear wiper (weight reduction) Nismo exhaust Nismo Suspension Nismo brake pads 93,000kms ARC induction airbox HKS oil cooler and relocation kit ENKI lightweight rims with hollow spokes, similar to Group A rims
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