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  1. Hey guys and gals! I'm Gideon, pretty new to the forum. Picked up my 33 almost 2 months ago now and absolutely love it! Thought I better start a build thread before shit starts getting hectic Picked it up for $6500 with a couple months rego, 132,000kms, I'm the 3rd owner in aus, few basic mods (FMIC, pod, exhaust). The night I picked her up Gave her a bit of a clean and took a couple pics with a half decent camera!
  2. klutched

    Thanks mate. Yeah it's been a long wait but will definitely be worth it. All good thanks for the offer, ordered a new one from kudos should get here tomorrow. Yeah hahah she should get up and boogie now compared to the old baby 2.5 setup
  3. klutched

    Cheers man, mate has told me that S14 will work. Just waiting on kudos reply to see if they have one in stock or not. Also going to order a new tps, plug and a coolant temp sender for the dash that we'll tap into the thermostat housing hose. Currently at tafe and theyve pushed our times back 30mins so don't get off till 4 so makes it hard to go get fittings and stuff.
  4. klutched

    As you can see hypertune finally arrived today! Assembled it and test fitted on the car so we can fab the cooler piping. Of course we ran out of gas and everyone was shut already so thats a job for tomorrow. Got a few fittings today but will need to get the rest of them and some more hose. Also need to get an rb26 tps and also a longer throttle cable. What does everyone use when going to an FFP?
  5. klutched

    Sneak peak
  6. klutched

    Finally some good news today! Hypertune will be here early next week. It is with TNT as we speak My run in oil also came today. Went with Joe Gibbs Driven Racing oil that spool recommends. Threw it in to check for leaks. Gonna give it a crank next week and blow some oil around the motor/turbo ready for the intake to go on and start her up Did the first mod on my nav today as well! Picked up an awning and threw it on for beach trips and camping.
  7. klutched

    Nothing good to report on yet.... Have tried calling hypertune multiple times and they dont even fkn pick up their phone... So don't know where my intake is. Hopefully it rocks up today but thats probably just wishful thinking like the rest of the times... Been doing a couple small things on the car that I kept putting off. Brakes are bled, balancer bolt torqued up, changed my oil drain fitting for a straight and fit it up, installed turbo oil filter so hot side is all back together now. Went around checking all the fittings and bolts/nuts make sure theyre all tight. Still need to take my rad down and get welded up as my mates welder isnt big enough and cant get enough heat in to pull the porosity out. Have also ordered 8L of joe gibbs run in oil, should be here today. Couple pics how i mounted the turbo filter.
  8. klutched

    Ive got a 7675 on my 26/30 that will hopefully be running this week. It is stroked to 3.4. Hoping to have it all in by around 4500 with the twin scroll twin gate.
  9. klutched

    Ok so hypertune said I'll have the intake this week! Few little things left to do now. Obviously fab up cold side once intake is on. Need to get a -10 straight for my turbo drain as the 45 I had on there won't work now with the front screamer where it is. Also need to get an inline oil filter for turbo feed to try protect the turbo. Had an inline speedflow fuel filter with 40micron filter laying around that will be perfect for what we need so will be throwing that in as well. Try get someone to weld up the radiator and wire up the new spal fan circuit. Wire up a couple things to ecu for the speedo so we can try get the speedo working correctly this time. Also gotta make up a bracket for auto dipstick. Should be doable to get it all done this week. Im back at work this week so ill see how I go for time after work.
  10. The mishimoto radiators and fans are absolute junk. You're better off buying a cheap ebay radiator and using the stock fan. We've had multiple cars come in with these setups and idling they see around 107*C temps. From what I've been told the radiators don't have a divider in them so the coolant doesn't make it through the whole radiator and just circulates straight up instead of going across, up and then back across.
  11. klutched

    More progress today, hot side is all done now!! Come up pretty schmick. Can't wait to get my intake manifold and get it done! Also got some pinchweld for around the hole cutouts. Cleaned the look up nicely. Got the bumper all cutout as well, its starting to look like a car again!
  12. klutched

    Did a little bit of cutting this morning and got the intercooler fitted up. Just need to trim the bumper then she'll be ready to roll. We'll get cracking on cooler piping next week.
  13. klutched

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year! So got on the phone to hypertune early this afternoon to see where my intercooler is so he checked tracking and he said its with driver today but scheduled for delivery on the 7th. Turned around and a TNT truck pulled in, so I asked him if it was TNT and he said yes! So much excitement. TNT guy gave me this... Felt like christmas again! Quickly unwrapped it all and had a look at the clamps and popped one on for the hot side. Had a quick look at mounting it, got one bolt in to see how it would sit. Gotta cut a little bit of the chassis rail out to get it into its proper position. It has to move up to the next hole on the bonnet latch which I'll do tomorrow once I cut the chassis back. We'll also get cracking on the hotside pipe from the turbo tomorrow as well. Hypertune said powdercoaters should be back next week to fix up the coating so should have it hopefully next week or the week after Went and got a shelf for the garage at home today to give it a good clean up to make way for the 33 to come home. Little bit more to go but heaps better now...
  14. klutched

    Yeah it's pretty disappointing that they tell you 3-5 days and then yeah it's almost ready for shipment, and excuse after excuse. If they said it's coming up to christmas and we're flat out, you'll have it by this date, I would have been fine about it. But I have literally been told its ready to be shipped out, then we're waiting on plenum to come back from powder, got it back it'll be to you this week, now the throttle body wrong size and powdercoating problem... Like you'd think a company like that would try and get ahead and have some premade stuff for popular motors ready to go just need paint/anodizing or whatever. Theyre so popular the products would be sitting on the shelves long. I feel like giving them a 1 star on facebook 😂 Ill be surprised if they actually send the cooler and clamps today and we get them monday..
  15. klutched

    Not much done today as I'd have liked but car won't be done until the new year anyway.... Called Hypertune again today to get tracking number and lo and behold they havent sent it yet... Excuses excuses... Plenum came back but there was something wrong with the powdercoating and they went to assemble it and they had invoiced for a 102mm throttle body and not a 90mm so they had to do whatever they had to do with that... I told them it's ridiculous and the car was meant to be done before christmas. So he said the intercooler and rest of the stuff is done so theyre sending that and the clamps up tomorrow which we'll receive monday if they actually do it.... Atleast we can get cracking mounting that and doing half of the cooler piping straight after break. Who knows how long it's going to take them to get my plenum done though... Anyway got speedo wiring all sorted (I THINK) and dash put back together. Because the speed sender on the glide was making my speedo read like double we ran it straight to the ecu now and then out of an aux output straight to the dash that we'll be able to manipulate via the ecu which should get my speedo working again. Tomorrow I'm going to try and get the spal fan wired up. Disappointing we couldn't get my radiator to weld up very good as the alloy was pulling all of the coolant and shit out of it and couldn't get any decent welds down so I'm going to buy another cheap alloy rad that hasnt had stuff go through it and get some more weld ons for it. That will happen in the new year aswell though.
  16. klutched

    Thanks mate, she's slowly getting there! Should be well worth the long wait it has been Got my new aircon belt today and put them on for good. Also plumbed up the powersteering hose ready to refill once we get her running. Found an oil filter adapter thing with ports to run my oil temp and pressure off that was kicking around the shop so I cleaned it up and fitted it along with the sensors and wired them up ready to go! Also started modding my radiator today. Cut off the bit where the original hose connected to and cut out a piece that fits to cover the hole and drilled out 4x 20mm holes for the 3x -10 and 1x -6 weld ons to sit in. Hope it works well with the hypertune manifold. Just needs to be welded up now. Took this just cause sexual Hoping the hypertune stuff rocks up tomorrow and we can get cracking and try finish it before chrissy!
  17. klutched

    Spent a few hours on her today and got some little bits and pieces ive been putting off done. Powersteering pump got modded to suit the 26 balancer and belt looks pretty spot on. Took me 10mins and wasn't as hard as I expected which was good. With the P/S line I'm just going to get a 5/8 brass 90 and join a bit of hose between them. Will be easier than trying to weld a 90 on there. Auto is also all done now. Shifter feels awesome, transbrake wired up, cooler hooked up all ready to go. Just need to check fluid level when we turn her on. Had to run the hoses a little differently as the bellhousing was pushed back 20mm so they didn't reach anymore. Also got the spal mounted up, just need to wire it in tomorrow. It JUST fits in there nicely. Hopefully it will do as good of a job as the stock viscous fan.
  18. klutched

    Called hypertune this morning again and finally they've got my plenum back from powdercoaters.... So that'll be getting sent up tomorrow so should have it hopefully Thursday Wired up pressure sensor plugs today and installed the starter motor and sorted out what's going where. Just about finished everything under the car now. Bolted up the converter, tightened up the tailshaft and made up the new shifter cable bracket. Just need to clean it up and make it look pretty with some black paint and we're off. Fingers crossed the screamers dont melt my cable again.... Was thinking about making a little shield for it. Can sorta see that I also finished wrapping the screamers today as well. Such a prick to get that rear screamer off with the dump pipe in. Hope i dont have to do it again any time soon.
  19. klutched

    You probably wont make 500 on a gtx3071r. For 550-600whp you'll need a gtx3576R or gtx3582r. Headgasket run a 1.2mm. Yes you will need cams.
  20. klutched

    Sorted some little bits and pieces out today. Got the right size clamps to fix my loom to the firewall and used the existing screws to mount them. Pretty happy with how it looks. Not the best photo but you get the idea. Got the rest of the fittings I needed to finish plumbing up my vacuum and wastegate lines and made up the last line I needed to the solenoid that I tapped into the back of the compressor cover. That was the last thing to do on the passenger side until we start on cooler piping so I mounted the catch can for good as well. My bonnet strut kit also finally arrived so I got that all prepped for when we put the bonnet back on which will probably be after tuning. Then had a crack at throwing the gearbox in. Had so much difficulty doing it as I didn't have the converter seated all the way so it would hit the flex plate and wouldnt go on any further. Managed to get it to seat all the way after taking it in and out a few times trying to do it. I went ahead and hooked up the shifter cable but it was a bit stiff the shift so I checked out the shifter and because of the new bellhousing it doesn't line up nicely anymore. So I've got to mod this one to suit the new position and we should be all good. I think im going down to the shop tomorrow so ill finish off the box and get that all sorted. Gotta put the converter bolts in, make new bracket, do up tailshaft bolts, put on flexplate cover and put the starter motor back in and connect it all back up. Also still need to finish wrapping the screamers. And i might as well put the pressure sensor clips on and get them all ready to go for when the plenum comes. Might finish off the inside as well if I get time. It's 1 wire i need to change out behind the dash.... Hypertune is killing me waiting for this shit... I really hope I can get my car going before christmas...
  21. klutched

    Got a little bit more done today. Coilpack wiring come up alright. Also removed the water washer bottle as it wont work with the 3.5" cooler piping. I'll get a smaller one and mount it in thdre eventually. End up jacking the car up and pulling the box out. Of course I forgot the auto trans fluid so I couldn't put the converter in but test fit it to make sure it'd be ok. And because I'm special I left my flexplate and cover on my old engine so I had to steal a spare bellhousing cover off my mate that I'll have to mod to suit the auto. So that's tomorrows job. Get the box all mounted and shifter hooked up. I'll also pull of that second screamer and wrap it. Called hypertune again, theyre still waiting for it. They have another batch being picked up tomorrow so if its in that we might get it this week...
  22. klutched

    My new coilkit came today from Billet coil kits/Godzilla Motorsports. It's their new 2000hp+ highoutput coils. Wish they were black instead of grey but it still doesn't look too bad. Might get cracking on the wiring tomorrow. Kudos sent the correct spigot bush up today, so I'll put that in tomorrow if I get time and the hoist is free.
  23. klutched

    Go spool and spend extra on upgrading to l19 bolts and bigger pins and towards other stuff for the build. Im running Spool RB34, Spool I beams CP pistons, upgraded bolts and pins. Planning on spinning it to 8500-9000 and close to 1000hp. JEM's 34 is making 1400HP i think with spool 3.4 and Rigoli is running a Spool 3.2 running 6's. I think spool has a bigger stroker aswell?
  24. klutched

    Got the hotside sorted today for good Just gotta tighten up a few nuts when i put the car back on the hoist as access from the top for the bottom nuts isnt good. I also got some more 25mm heat wrap for the second screamer as we ran out on the long screamer. So I'll pull that off tomorrow and wrap it up to help prevent melting stuff! Installed my beanie as well. Doesn't look too bad I dont think. Also went through and tightened up all the fittings on the turbo and wastegates. I need to go get 2 more fittings and some line for the turbo to solenoid line and the FPR to plenum once that gets here. My spigot bush turned up as well but turns out they sent me a manual one so theyve sent me out an auto one which should get here wednesday and I'll get it up on the hoist and put the converter in and finish up the gearbox. I called hypertune on Friday and they said everything's done except for plenum powder coating which is due back early this week, so hopefully I'll get that stuff by the end of the week and we can get stuck into the rest of the fab! Been lazy lately and not getting stuck into the small stuff that needs to be done. Still need to pull the power steer pump off and mod it for the hose and also to bring it forward to match the rb26 balancer. Little bit of wiring shuffle in the cab so we can manipulate the speedo so it reads correct instead of roughly double. Coilpack kit is coming in the morning as well. Changed to a raw bracket with Godzilla's custom coilpacks rated to 2000hp+ which I'll also install tomorrow and depending on how much time I have I might start on the loom as well.
  25. klutched

    Few goodies arrived this week... No not hypertune cause theyre useless... Been 3.5 weeks and now they wont reply to emails.... My spal fan, t4 gasket and converter arrived though. Pulled turbo off today but waiting until I get the exhaust manifold washers before I put the turbo back on as access isnt the best. Tomorrow I'll pull the box out and throw the converter in and finish up everything there and put all the hot side on as well for good. Really annoyed with hypertune atm.... I just want to know when I'm getting my stuff. Great service when theyre taking your money but terrible once theyve done that considering they said its almost ready for shipping last week which was obviously not true.