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    Thanks mate. I got a reply from 6boost via golebys. He said this design generally doesn't start flowing through the gates until around 22psi due to the turbo not being in it's efficiency range yet. So we're gonna throw her back on dyno this weekend and see what happens. If that's correct then we should be able to get it even more responsive as the gate is cracking at 14psi, not that I think a great deal would be escaping atm. Hopefully all goes well and we can tune it to 25psi if we can get traction on rollers and maybe throw a highboost switch in for 30psi.
  2. klutched

    Couple pics of her sitting pretty in the garage! I believe this is why we have boost issues... How are the gasses meant to turn like that at high velocity especially with not much backpressure... Would have thought such a big reputable brand would have a good design to control boost on their manifolds...
  3. klutched

    She lives! Put my old battery back in and she fired straight up. Dropped run in oil and put some fresh stuff in along with new filter. Also topped up trans aswell. Weather is shit is bris atm got bulk storms, but managed to get a bit of dry road today Starter is still cooked, once shes hot she wont start. Have a new one on the way Heres a few vids for yas! Enjoy that sweet rb sound! received_2442457769098447.mp4 received_415608269202588.mp4 received_905892543135695.mp4
  4. klutched

    Got the box back in last weekend. Filled with fluid and went to start her but my starter motor is cooked. So this weekend i've gotta put new starter in and hopefully she fires up first go...
  5. klutched

    Gearbox is ready to go Pick it up tomorrow arvo on the way home. Get it in sat morning and chuck it on dyno Stay tuned
  6. klutched

    Quick update guys, box is getting rebuilt this week. Hoping to pick it up on the way home from Grafton on friday after work. Gone to a billet 1500hp sonnax gearset, modified pump, new clutches, upgraded band and a few other little thing in there. So hoping to throw it in on Saturday and put her back on the dyno and we'll take off the boost cut and see what she does. Hoping it tapers off somewhere before 30psi. So fingers crossed should be out on Saturday night
  7. klutched

    Havent been able to do anymore runs as the glide had a nice clicking noise coming from it. Pulled it out today and dropped it at my gearbox guy. Hes gonns pull it apart tomorrow and have a look. Im not back until the 8th of March so will be on standby until then. Ill pick the box up on the way home and throw it in on sat morning and get it back onto the dyno and sus out this boost problem. Thinking the gates arent getting the flow they need so they arent opening until they get it. We'll just have to trial and error with springs until we get a good pressure we can run for traction and go from there. So might need to look into a Co2 setup possibly.
  8. klutched

    So we got it strapped down on the dyno and did a few runs but we've got some wsstegate problems. Can't flow enough to hold boost at gate pressure 14psi. Most we've got was 50% throttle but it map cuts at 20psi. Played around a little bit and did 25% TPS then ramped to 50% TPS at end but map cut and made 587whp. Thinking we need to change oil and let it eat and see what boost gets to. It should get to a point and then just taper off with whatever the gates are flowing out. 20190216_205647.mp4
  9. klutched

    Yeah mate theyre the godzilla coils. Not sure on batt, think its starter now. Threw a new batt in and it does the same thing. Not enough cca to turn the big block over. Heres a half throttle half pull for ya. No timing in yet. received_635361186921229.mp4
  10. klutched

    Good news, box doesn't leak now weeew!! Need to bleed up cooling system and find why my battery wont start the car. It's probably dead now because its been sitting there for 9 months doing nothing and its a few years old now.
  11. klutched

    So I ripped the pump back out yesterday after tafe and dropped the oil and cleaned it all up. Put pump in the gooed the fk out of the bolts around the adapter and under the bolts and got it all back together. Hopefully gonna try and pop the box in this arvo and test but only have 1.5-2 hours to do it. Might just bolt up converter and a couple bellhousing bolts and test it. Hope this stops the leak otherwise dont know whatelse to do. Fingers crossed!
  12. klutched

    Pulled the box out yesterday and had a look. Couldn't see anything standing out that was leaking just the usual leak from the input shaft from the converter fluid. Put some thread sealant on a couple of the bottom bolts. Got it half in yesterday then finished it off this arvo. Turned car on and stillll leaking fml... So over it now, so I gotta pull it back out tomorrow on my bday and have a quick look before dinner. Hopefully theres something more obvious this time. Ill probably end up taking it to an auto shop to have a look on thursday. You can see where its slowly leaking out of, it must be dripping down from somewhere and leaking through the bellhousing adapter as well. Hoping its just a couple worn seals. Don't think I'll be driving it before I go away on Monday...
  13. klutched

    Unfortunately no tuning yet got everything sorted though and idles mint! Found a nice leak from the auto, thinking its the pump seal. Doesn't leak until we turn the car off. So gotta rip the box out and go get it serviced this week and hopefully get it tuned before I go away for 5 months the following week. Couple pics before we started her back up. I put the front end all back together now so looks like a car again! Snapchat-1958444666.mp4
  14. klutched

    Bit of a shit storm of a night tonight. Got everything wired up so decided to try and get some oil pressure. Gave it a couple cranks but nothing, so decided to try and start it. Everything hooked up checked timing but couldnt get it to go. End up being that the cam trigger wheel was 180* out. Flipped it around and started first go for a couple of breaths and first reading of 5kPa oil pressure! Adjusted the throttle body so we had a bit more idle rpm and off she went! Heaps of oil pressure but had to kill it after a couple seconds as we had a leak from the block. Got that fixed up and fired her back up. Vid below. Lost a bit of oil from the leak (my fault) so will have to try and get some more joe gibbs tomorrow if we can or im gonna drop it and run penrite run in oil. Only a couple small things left now, clean up oil from leak, put new coolant sensor into the rad and wire it up, fill with coolant and more oil, check for anymore leaks and then should be onto the dyno if all goes to plan! Can't wait to see what sort of numbers she does! Stay tuned Snapchat-420634179.mp4
  15. klutched

    Finished the last fuel line today, checked fuel system and no leaks. Also managed to get the radiator welded up! Doesn't look pretty but it should do the job. We will pressure test it tomorrow hopefully no leaks... Found a problem with the sensor wiring too. I wired the sensor ground and 5v backwards because the drawings for them werent clear. Those motorsport plugs are terrible to try and pull apart so I've ordered 3 new ones. Will have 2 tomorrow and last one thursday, so will wire up the map and oil pressure sensors and we should be good to fire it up!! Also tried pushing oil down to the pump but no luck getting any oil pressure still. Hopefully its not the pickup o ring not sealing or something stupid that we'll have to rip the motor apart.... Fingers crossed tomorrow is the day. Won't be able to tune it until we get that last plug for the fuel pressure sensor but will give us some time to double check everything.
  16. klutched

    Yeah did a bit of research on it the other night. Gonna pull filter off and try and get some oil down to the pump and turn the motor backwards to get some suction then give it a crank.
  17. klutched

    Had a pretty good afternoon today... Got all the lines and stuff done bar 1 line from my hardline to my fuel filter which is about 10cm long. Everything else is plumbed up. Couldn't get radiator to weld so im gonna take it to a mate with a bigger welder to see if he can get it done. Went through and checked my wiring. Injectors are firing, coils are firing, TPS is good, air temp we need to hook up at ecu. We are getting weird readings from the MAP sensor for some reason. Also tried to get some oil pressure around the motor but didn't manage to get any Mate said sometimes need to start the motor to get pressure. Lil vid from cranking the motor, turbo starting to spin without plugs in 20190125_190902.mp4
  18. klutched

    Got a little bit done on her this arvo/tonight. Went and got the rest of the fittings I needed except a grub screw for the fuel rail. Got cracking on making lines this arvo then pulled the plenum off to give it a final clean and popped it back on. Rail is on as well, just need to run lines up and back and also a vac line to the reg which is half done already. Tomorrows goal is to get those last lines made, wire injectors and try and get the radiator finished. Gotta cut the middle 2 off and put new ones on and hopefully we can get them to weld nicer. Also gotta put tps plug on when it comes tomorrow and a couple coolant temp sensors somewhere. Then we'll be ready to rumble! Unfortunately won't be here over the long weekend but might try fet back early monday and finish it off if we dont tomorrow.
  19. klutched

    Got the last intercooler pipe tacked up last night. We'll finish welding it up today and also see if we can do the radiator as well. Manifolds coming back off so we can tighten fittings and make lines up then we'll pop it back on for good. Also need to go grab some more pinchweld for the hole and trim it out a tad more.
  20. klutched

    Thanks mate. Yeah it's been a long wait but will definitely be worth it. All good thanks for the offer, ordered a new one from kudos should get here tomorrow. Yeah hahah she should get up and boogie now compared to the old baby 2.5 setup
  21. klutched

    Cheers man, mate has told me that S14 will work. Just waiting on kudos reply to see if they have one in stock or not. Also going to order a new tps, plug and a coolant temp sender for the dash that we'll tap into the thermostat housing hose. Currently at tafe and theyve pushed our times back 30mins so don't get off till 4 so makes it hard to go get fittings and stuff.
  22. klutched

    As you can see hypertune finally arrived today! Assembled it and test fitted on the car so we can fab the cooler piping. Of course we ran out of gas and everyone was shut already so thats a job for tomorrow. Got a few fittings today but will need to get the rest of them and some more hose. Also need to get an rb26 tps and also a longer throttle cable. What does everyone use when going to an FFP?
  23. klutched

    Sneak peak
  24. klutched

    Finally some good news today! Hypertune will be here early next week. It is with TNT as we speak My run in oil also came today. Went with Joe Gibbs Driven Racing oil that spool recommends. Threw it in to check for leaks. Gonna give it a crank next week and blow some oil around the motor/turbo ready for the intake to go on and start her up Did the first mod on my nav today as well! Picked up an awning and threw it on for beach trips and camping.
  25. klutched

    Nothing good to report on yet.... Have tried calling hypertune multiple times and they dont even fkn pick up their phone... So don't know where my intake is. Hopefully it rocks up today but thats probably just wishful thinking like the rest of the times... Been doing a couple small things on the car that I kept putting off. Brakes are bled, balancer bolt torqued up, changed my oil drain fitting for a straight and fit it up, installed turbo oil filter so hot side is all back together now. Went around checking all the fittings and bolts/nuts make sure theyre all tight. Still need to take my rad down and get welded up as my mates welder isnt big enough and cant get enough heat in to pull the porosity out. Have also ordered 8L of joe gibbs run in oil, should be here today. Couple pics how i mounted the turbo filter.