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  1. Hey all, So I'm looking to get my front and rear brake pads changed. I have purchased a set of Bendix Ultra Premium Disc Brakes - DB1509UP (from supercheapauto as they were suggested), but they only had 2 in stock. I've not been able to find much information on whether or not my 2004 Skyline 300GT V35 Sedan uses the same size front or rear brake pads other than 1 forum post saying they're almost identical in size with the exception of about 2mm. My questions are... Is there a different size of brake pads I need for the front and rear? Can i use my premium pads for the front and maybe a cheaper brand for the back (assuming same size)? Considering there was a discount however that went away the day after I bought the 2 in stock. Or should I get the same brand for all 4? Would it be fine if I return those brakes and buy a cheaper set? I'm a calm driver and don't drive too often, so if I could save a bit without it being integral to its performance than that would be nice. Thanks.
  2. It doesn't always do this. I would say every 4th time I turn the car on this happens, and when it does happen I just restart the car and it fixes it immediately. And yeah it was a private sale. To clear any misunderstanding, it doesnt stay at 60kmph, I can travel at any speed, just that I'm unsure what gear it is and when I am traveling 60kmph it is on 3,000 revs. It just seems to be stuck in one gear unable to change when this happens.
  3. Hey all, recently my 2004 V35 Skyline 300GT has been having an odd problem. It occurs randomly, but sometimes when I start my car, the transmission would be stuck on one gear no matter how fast or slow I go in attempt to have the gear changed. Other times the transmission would work perfectly on start up. However, when it is stuck on one gear, i'm assuming it is stuck on most likely 1st gear or 2nd gear since it idles at 3-3,500 revs when travelling 60 km/h. Putting it in tiptronic mode and changing gears doesn't make a difference since the gear won't change, although on the dashboard it would show it is changing gears when it obviously isn't. Whenever this happens, I usually have to pull over on the side of the road and restart the car which has always fixed the problem so far. (This has happened about 4-5 times in this past week) I am wondering, has this problem occurred with anyone else? I purchased this vehicle a week ago, and if there are major problems with the gear box then I will be taking it back to the seller to raise issues. I'm hoping that a simple transmission fluid replacement will fix the problem, as I assume that when restarting the car fixes the problem because it pumps the fluid back into the transmission. Thanks heaps for any help!
  4. Hey there mate, I was reading up on some really old forums and saw a few of your posts saying you can help set up the FM radio converters. I recently purchased a Skyline 300GT and would like to know if you could help with my queries, as I would like to be able to listen to Melbourne radio stations! Thanks!

    1. Chris Rogers

      Chris Rogers

      Give me a call. 0738831700. Can help and have stock.

  5. Hey all, today I just bought a Nissan Skyline V35 300Gt! The computer is all in Japanese and I would like to convert it to English! I have tried to play around with it and use my luck, but I am failing. It would also be very appreciated if someone could give me a rough translation of the console buttons as well! Thanks heaps! I have attached several photos which may hopefully assist with my inquiries! Thanks
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