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    1986 GTS-X Coupe
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    Joe gadzinski

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  1. joeg


    thanks it will be up for sale soon.
  2. joeg

    Need Help

    thanks i will check both of them items
  3. new battery new plugs injectors have been checked and ok at the moment cant find ecu for it to try.
  4. joeg

    Need Help

    no mods every thing stock first time of problems the motor back fired and since then have not been able to find the problem.have replaced flow meter ,oxygen sensor, igniter. have checked fuel pump good pressure .
  5. joeg


    these photos are couple of years old but every thing is factory standard apart from front shocks and Radio
  6. joeg

    Need Help

    I have 1986 GTS coupe it has a RB20det motor in it is running rich when i start replace a few part still no good I have had the ECU checked but I have been told it may be faulty not sure which way to go any help would bee great thanks.
  7. Hi all I am new to this site I have a 1986 GTS coupe
  8. looking for help I have a 1986 GTS coupe Rb20 motor It started with the motor back firing since then i have not been able to get it to run proply I have changed the air flow meter ,igniter ,air oxygen senor I have had the computer checked its supposed to be fine so at the moment when it starts its running rich so any help would be great thanks.
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