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  1. Update: I'm leaning towards wheel bearing. The noise went away but came bak couple of weeks ago. Took the wheel off and the big bolt in the centre was loose.
  2. Would this cause the hicas to play up? I'm running 10mm on front and when I hit bumps on the highway the car try to "crab walk" a little. Not sure if this is the issue cause they were on the car when I bought it.
  3. Hi guys, I was wondering will a s2 Power Fc for a R33 work in a R34 with a Patch Harness from wiring specialties?? So I'd be using the patch Harness to plug the Nissan Blue plug on the Fc to plug into the R34 GTT loom. Any help guys would be very much appreciated. Cheers Ash
  4. Yeah I thought so, I'd just use the plug off my old one. For thE price it's a lot cheaper than factory item I just wanted to make sure it's voltage is the same as factory
  5. Will this o2 sensor work with my 34 GTT Help Please, Will this o2 work with my r34 GTT Mobile view: http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-3-Wire-Universal-Oxygen-Sensor-O2-For-Nissan-Skyline-R34-RB25DET-NEO-/151625805401?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE Desktop view: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-3-Wire-Universal-Oxygen-Sensor-O2-For-Nissan-Skyline-R34-RB25DET-NEO-/151625805401?hash=item234d9a2e59:m:m0WKMv_W8zn2ojfX07y-u2w thanks for any help in advance . Cheers Ash
  6. Did this no difference. Also Had the boys in blue make a showing. f*k wit neighbors. Looking at the standard dump pipe the wares gate opens and the gasses hit the cast iron almost straight away. (Hope yous know wat I mean) with the bell mouth the gasses flow more with the flow coming from the exh wheel. Me thinking old dump was restrictive giving 9psi now more flow I'm seeing 7psi but this all contradicts what I originally thought.
  7. Cars using standard solenoid. With earth mod. And I just gutted it didn't put a pipe through it. Ill check the waste gate to see if it's sticking. Im thinking turbulence in the cat
  8. CAr still pulls hard, it's just that I've lost a couple of psi. Same boost gauge nothing's changed besides the dump to cat pipe. Ohh and gutting the cat. If I flaw it in 4th it hits 8psi but Sits on 7psi for the most part. I always thought freeing up the exhaust would increase boost not decrease it. Anyways I'll look else where but any ideas are very much welcome!! cheers Ash
  9. Lost boost after exhaust Mod. Hi guys, something Wierd happened to my r34 GTT like the title says I've lost boost after installing a just jap bell mouth dump to cat. Nowmy previous setup was just a blitz cat back and I saw 9psi. Now ive installed the turbo back jjr bell mouth and gutted my cat I'm only getting 7psi. I would of thought freeing up the exhaust would give me more boost or the same. Can someone tell me where I've gone wrong ? Is it cause I gutted the cat? any help would b much appreciated thanks.