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  1. Umm not really that shows a different wheel bearing to the one the 34's use ??
  2. You can pm me your original number ER34xxxxx And I can check Nissan Fast to see what transmission comes up
  3. Hi guys I'm in the middle of changing the rear wheel bearing on my 34 GTT and I was having trouble getting the rear 27mm bolt undone (the one behind the hand brake spring pin) Anyway I got the bolt loose finally but as I was removing the bearing the dust cover dropped and this washer came of something. Now the problem is I don't know where this washer belongs. It's not the one that sits with the 27mm bolt cause that's there. Anyway I've attached a pic if someone can help it will be very much appreciated. Thanks guys Ash
  4. Cheers guys got it undone!!! f**k that's one tight Mudaf*ka.
  5. Cheers guys I'll give it a shot. I'm gonna soak it in degreaser overnight. Talk about been tight is an understatement [emoji17]
  6. Hi guys I'm doing the rear wheel bearing in my r34 Gtt and am stuck at the 27mm hand brake pin bolt. Is there a trick to undoing these ?? Are they reverse thread?? Any help is much appreciated Cheers
  7. Anyone?
  8. ^^ Update^^ Preferably a r34 coil harness
  9. Cheers guys thanks
  10. Hi guys. I've just found out that I somehow fried one of my SPLITFIRE coil packs So I'm in need of 1 splitfire for a neo Turbo. Pref one in good condition and Not to old. Also need either a r33 or 34 coil pack harness. All help much appreciated Cheers Ash
  11. Hi guys Can Anyone help me confirm this: Is the R33 Series 2 coil plug part of the loom the same as R34. I'm taking about the part of the loom which has a large black plug at the rear of the motor and has the plugs which connects to each individual coil pack. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Ash