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  1. nsw/act 

    Would these be the same for a rb25 neo ??
  2. Hey guys I'm after a metal intake pipe from AFM to turbo. Located Melbourne but will pay post Cheers
  3. vic 

    Is this push or pull type
  4. It's seem to be when I hit a bump on the left hand side more the rear just steers out. Can any1 make anything from the pics I've taken? I'm going to jack the car up tomorrow and have a better look. So how are the hicas joints changed? Are they a ball joint or can they be changed with a press. I have access to one. Sorry guys I'm just a newbie when it comes to irs and hicas. Cheers
  5. So if I was to install a hicas eliminator I would most than likely solve my problem?? Where can I get a good kit at an reasonable prices?
  6. Sorry for the Heap of Pics people. But the first one shows the ride hight. The second/third one shows where the hicas meets the hub. Can Anyone please see where I have the problem. It's driving my crazy. Driving at 100kl/hr and Suddenly hit a bump. MORE on the left the car steers off and it's frieking scary. PLEASE HELP
  7. This shows the ride hight. Not to low in my opinion.
  8. Here are some pics I took under the car
  9. I'll try get a pic of the ride hight up. But it's not that much lower than other standard 34's. Im assuming this caused the pre mature wear on my wheel bearing which was completely destroyed when I pulled the hub apart. Does anyone know a part number for the hicas bits that I would need to change? cheers ash
  10. Ok so where would I look for replacement parts??
  11. In saying that the rear wheels are wearing out slightly more on the inside than the rest of The tyre.