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  1. Sold through an Ebay ad to someone in WA! Sounds like they plan to rebuild it and turn it into a street racer. Keep an eye out and let me know if anyone spots it.
  2. Um, works for me. If all else fails, go to carsales.com.au and do an advanced search for rego UTK900.
  3. Bugger. Ok, try this one: http://www.carsales.com.au/pls/carsales/...icle_id=3744630
  4. Reluctantly selling my R32 due to family commitments. It's a GTS-4 running an RB26DETT - essentially a stealth GTR, except that I painted it bright red It used to live in Sydney where it was maintained by Gray Imports (hi Nathan). Now registered in Victoria (near Ballarat). Due for a retune, but otherwise in top condition. $14,000 ono, but may consider trading for a daily runabout + cash. See http://www.carsales.com.au/used-cars/priva...0&D=3744630 for details.
  5. But good news if people start offloading their R34s to buy one
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  7. Bugger, I'll be out of the country And I've just got the car all shiney too
  8. Silver, from the pics I gather you put on GTR front guards as well? X
  9. Thanks for the info. Looks like I'll have to talk it over with the guy at the smash repairs. Whichever way I go, it's going to cost - but if the insurance is subsidizing the first few thousand then it might be worth it. X
  10. I've insured my R32 GTS-4 with Famous Classic Car Insurance. 32 year-old 60% nc for just over $1000 with $1000 excess. Only hassle is they are in Perth so you can't phone them before midday. And I've just put in a claim, so we'll see how they go when you want some of your money back
  11. Spike Milligan I think - although he says "idiot" instead of "retard". X
  12. Ok, we've sorted that out ($350-400 seems to be a good ballpark figure)... But no one has been able to give me a definite answer as to whether an R32 GTR front bar will fit without modification onto an R32 GTS-4. Some people say yes, others say you have to swap the front guards as well. Can anyone give a definitive answer, preferrably someone who has actually done it? X
  13. How much? We'd have to work out delivery as well.
  14. Wanted: R32 Front Bar and (possibly) Bonnet to replace bent parts on GTS-4. Colour and paint condition not important, as long as no dents or cracks.
  15. Forgive the newbie question, but what's a reasonable price for an R32 GTR front bar and bonnet? I got careless and bent the front of my GTS-4 - oops I've got a quote from someone local with a GTR half-cut (they are a straight swap, right?), but it's a bit more than I was hoping. Any ideas? On a positive note, this gives me a good excuse to get that respray Now to pick a colour...
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