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  1. Hi All, Trying to locate a pinout diagram for the R33 GTR Attesa system, I can find the R32 one easily which shows the plugs and pinouts but really struggling to find the R33 GTR one. Any help or pointers would be great, main 2 wires/pins I'm trying to find out the TPS and the RPM input.
  2. Morning, not sure if this was covered I cant find it mentioned anywhere however on a R33 GTR, the subframe has all this bracing that attaches to the body etc, I cannot get to the tie rod to undo at the HICAS without removing this bracing, however I am concerned the whole rear subframe will drop??? Can anyone help.
  3. Hi just seeing if anyone has a set of good condition HKS cam gears Only after complete set. Thanks
  4. duz10s

    I have 15 inch buddy clubs with 275/50/15 Street R's I am going to try some 3mm or 5mm spacers to see if I can get 275/60/15 profile on Not sure what offset the buddy's are
  5. duz10s

    anyone know if the standard R33 gtr engine black is satin or matt finish, looks satin to me?
  6. duz10s

    Not fussed preferably series 2 or 3
  7. Hi guys chasing a standard r33 gtr front bumper bottom lips or an aftermarket carbon fibre one. Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, Just chasing a front bumper lip for a r33 gtr, don't mind if its the standard item or an aftermarket carbon one. Thanks
  9. anyone know the values of the r33 gtr oil temp guage reading, mine has a line which starts at 70 and continues up unbroken to a point, then a break and next ready is 150?
  10. duz10s

    thanks for the tip anyone tried the Meguiars Super Degreaser?
  11. Hi Guys, Keen to hear what cleaner/degreaser people have found worked best to clean the undercarriage. Surely has to be some better products than just straight degreaser you can buy from like super cheap etc. Will be using a pressure washer as well. Thanks
  12. yer inside out rust is going to be hard to see
  13. Hi guys, I have done a forum search and can find a little bit of info but I'm keen to understand if there are more areas that are common to rust on R33 GTR than what I note below Wheel arches Spare wheel area in boot and boot channels Chassis rails Strut top etc. I have experience with R32's but unsure if there are any subtle differences with R33's Thanks for the help