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  1. Cheers guys Im born and bred up here in karratha. It has definitely changed big times from the old days they are trying desperately to be a fully fledged city but just wont happen. I have Been with rio for about 4 years now but worked as a mechanic for 7 years before that
  2. These are the current rides yella terra (s13) and jasmine (stagea). Why jasmine? because jasmine is the best white rice
  3. Beautiful car mate there is one where i live but has a rb26 in it
  4. You will notice the bkr plug will have a v groove but the bcpr wont
  5. Im running bkr7e which is same plug just 1 range colder runs perfect gapped to .8
  6. Hey guys my names Graeme. I live in karratha WA which is about 1600km north of perth. There aren't too many imports up here. I am a qualified mechanic but currently drive locomotives for rio tinto. Im not sure i can claim it as a ride but the locos have 4400hp and 400,000kn of torque and i drive 3 to pull 2.5km of train weighing roughly 20,000t. I have had a few jdm cars 2-r33's 1-jza80 1-ma70 datto 1200 ute and 260z. My current rides are a s13 silvia with sr20 gt3071 and 300rwkw and a s2 rs4 stagea with everything from an uncompliable 260rs on it. The stagea is currently stock bar an exhaust and coilovers that i put on due to springs had been cut and shocks had collapsed.i am about to take the stag off the road for a little bit while i remove the twins and install a gt3582r and all the other extras to go along with it. I look forward to talking to some other car lovers such as my self
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