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  1. Well done!! Lookkng forward to seeing it out at the next roll racing night.
  2. Yes that is a short nose crank in the photo I can second that. My neo was also a short nose crank. We fitted a crank collar why it was apart.
  3. No they do everything from circuit cars to old school twin turbo v8s.
  4. Definition motorsports mt gravatt Good honest people and have decades of experience
  5. Being following your build for a while, such a great build. Seen you out at roll racing last night. It hooks up really well, you had some good races.
  6. My setup is similar s13 with rb25 with just under 400hp, we orginally fitted a complete r33 rear end for the brakes and more strenght but the viscous lsd was still poor as the car does a lot of circuit work (not drifting) Recently fitted a 1.5 nismo pro diff and it completely changed the car for the better. For example before the 1.5 way it would spin in 2nd on accleration, now it has no wheel spin. The first track day it went 1.6 seconds faster a lap with no other changes. Do yourself a favour and buy a proper lsd
  7. Hi guys, Is anyone doing the mid week sprint series this year at lakeside?? It is my first go at racing so would be great to meet a few members and learn some more about different setups. Ill be in a white s13 silvia come say hello.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Nice to see another s13 rb25 neo. Looks really clean. Any more details??
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