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  1. I will be trying to make this as well. Last time we had 8 GTR's driving together, was such a fun drive up there.
  2. Sorry didnt include a picture last time, here is a current shot of the car here in Japan still.
  3. Should be a good time, will be a longer drive from Southern CA, but will be fun.
  4. m1snowman


    My 90 Skyline GTR that i got while in Japan.
  5. From the album: BNR32

    decided to replace the leather ones with this blue alcantra fabric, looks so much cleaner now.
  6. From the album: BNR32

    I had broke my center vent and decided to make this instead of replacing it. I angled all the gauges so they are easier to see while driving and i think it came out pretty nice. was my first time working with carbon fiber and was that fun.
  7. From the album: BNR32

    A little older shot of the interior since i have changed out the Recaro seats and went with a set of blue Bride Euro seats. Steering wheel was bought and installed at mines here in Japan, so expensive but it feels really nice with the carbon fiber wrap.
  8. From the album: BNR32

    it has changed a little bit from this but i do love the Mojo performance kit changing over my coil packs to the LS2 coils with built in igniters. Painted the covers with a polly paint that will stand up the the heat and oils.
  9. From the album: BNR32

    I was happy to see my car was shot by Dino while parked at Diakoku Futo during the super car meet the first week of January this year, love the way the picutre came out.
  10. From the album: BNR32

    My custom Amp and cross over set up that I installed in the boot with a shot of the NISMO rear strut brace.
  11. From the album: BNR32

    Pictures of my new rims the Omori Factory LMGT4 that i got in Yokohama at the factory.
  12. From the album: BNR32

    The drive to Fuji Speed way for NISMO Festival
  13. Hello, currently in Japan and will be back in the states later this year with my R32.
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