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  1. bump 40 bucks. not needed. come grab it
  2. Anodised blue top feed fuel rail for sale 50 bucks cheap quick sale not needed located Redbank Plains, Qld
  3. Anodised blue top feed fuel rail for sale 50 bucks cheap quick sale not needed located Redbank plains
  4. Looks like the tps and soldering wires as opposed to twisting them has done the trick.. All those posts that I had seen where people having auto issues, not locking, or not going into d4 with overdrive on.. Check out your tps first.. And read the gearbox link I had included.. will rule out a hefty bill replacing shit where it may not be the cause at all..
  5. So if anyone is to come across what is in the picture on my post. That is the Dropping Resistor for the auto box.
  6. So bit more of an update. I had a spare THrottle position Sensor, and a previous shit attempt at re-wiring a new plug onto it ( previous plug was f**ked) Noticed that i had only twisted the wires together, and wasnt the best connection. So i had re-wired the throttle switch plug wires - ( the one that has A/T control) soldered and heat shrinked. TPS set at .48v - may require to adjust idle slightly as its now idling at 1000rpm, but car seems to be running okay so far. Will give it time though as the issue with it not going into 4th was intermittment. Thanks for the responses. But yeah if all fails. will be looking for manual conversion kit.
  7. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjPitr5sc7fAhWCfrwKHZp3BPoQFjAAegQICRAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fshop.ukrtrans.biz%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2Fcatalogs%2FRE4R01A.pdf&usg=AOvVaw3kVCvs_s2Cih1f-hNZ0dZM Hopefully this link works. but its appearing to be quite handy with troubleshooting some crap with the awesome automatic gearbox.
  8. yeah reading up on it earlier i had located some info that mentions this. Transmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) sensor and solenoid valve are together as one unit, and are installed to the solenoid body. Hopefully its not this, but something that i will be able to complete myself. i have only had the pan off the transmission off like 3 times already within the last month. Whats another time.
  9. So from some information that i have located, leads me to believe that the temp sensor is located on the valvebody. So immediately i thought f**k yeah, if mine is f**ked as that will be fun to change. The reason for my query, is that my gearbox is registering a fault somewhere, where it goes into 'limp mode' and wont shift into D4, when driving with overdrive switch ON. The simple turn the car off and back on though resets it and i am fine after that. But as you can imagine, its quite dangerous, especially if you are on the highway and nowhere to pull overly safely. Fun times. So with my current issue the troubleshooting manual i have found indicates the probable causes in order as follows below: 1. Throttle Sensor 2. Inhibitor switch 3. Revolution sensor and speed senor 4. Shift Solenoid A 5. Overrun clutch solenoid 6. Control valve assembly 7. Fluid temperature Sensor 8. Line pressure I am glad the the most probable things are the easiest to change, and hopefully it will be sorted before i get to number 4.
  10. Hey guys, Hopefully someone is able to assist me or point me in the right direction, as to where the ATF Temp Sensor is on a R33 GTST? There is a possibility that mine is rooted, and trying to locate one to purchase, and also will require to know where it is located on the box. Information seems a bit difficult to find. Or i am using the incorrect words to search.
  11. get rid of the twin setup. had a t04z setup on my 2jz Mx73 cressida and used to pigeon like a mofo. Then screamer came on and woke people up. But those times have passed, due to a wheel axle snapping, back wheel flew off and was never to be found. Fun times.
  12. I believe it assists with line pressure for the automatic gearbox if anyone can correct me if I am wrong.. one of the wires was exposed to metal, and had been witnessing 3rd gear not engaging, or locking in 3rd..
  13. Check connections on afm, and check condition of spark plugs, coils and oxygen sensor..
  14. Hey guys, just a a quick question whether anyone has a pic of the dropping resistor for an r33 Gtst automatic? I know location is left hand front headlight and have found a resistor there but not sure if it is it or not.. I am hoping it is as it’s the only thing there.. if someone can confirm that would be much appreciated
  15. Hey guys, Bit delayed with finalising this but the coilpacks have been sold
  16. Alrighty guys, due to further inspection, I had a dodgy connection on the signal wire from afm to the ECU. I was obviously receiving correct signal from afm end as thats where the signal is coming from, but ECU wasnt receiving it. My impatience, and proper troubleshooting process has failed me, but the car is now running properly. Though the bonus is that I have replaced a few old parts and learnt a bit more about the car. Waiting for the next thing to f**k up.
  17. Hey guys, Can anyone tell me what range (whether it be signal, earth or 12volt power) outside the scope would throw a z32afm off and put the car into limp mode. Currently have the car not revving past 2500rpm. I have checked the z32afm with a mulitmeter and had the following: Signal (idling) 1.53 - Car ignition on - .48 AFM Ground - .37ohms Signal Ground - .37ohms 12v Power - 13.89 I am assuming that the AFM is not the issue as I have two Z32afm's and there is no change between them. I have also reseted the ECU and drain the battery. The car is a R33 Series 1 GTST, with Nistune Board. No issues with tune as the car was perfect before this started to happen. Did a diagnostic check via shorting out the two wires and code is 12 which is AFM. Doing my f%^kin head in.
  18. bump... these coilpacks are in perfect working condition.. i thought my coils were on there way out, but it was a vacuum leak i had... Always the way... end up replacing all this other shit except for what it actually was... my loss and you get a bargain..
  19. Super Spark Coil Packs to suit R33 S1 Gtst Hey guys, Changed setup so these are no longer required. Nothing wrong with them just changed setup. Located Qld, Redbank Plains but will post at buyers expense. Price 200
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