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  1. Reviving an 11 year old thread. There might be others out there who are thinking of refreshing their door trims. My car’s previous owner glued faux leather and left unsightly residue. First try, the glue seeped through the cloth. Got me thinking how I can avoid it. Light bulb moment. The grove around the trim looks similar to the grove in sliding doors where you tuck the fly screen. Got the foam spline and spline roller from bunnings. Like what others have done, use the old trim as a stencil to cut your new trim. Lay it on your door trim. Tuck the section with out the grove. When your happy with the fitting, roll in the spline. It should push right in. If the spline doesn’t stay, you can use some pva glue. Quick job and the spline covers imperfections in the cut. old door: New trim: (Spline blends quite well)
  2. I had the coolant flushed when the thermostat and clutch fan were replaced. I assume it was bled. Will try too bleed it myself over the weekend
  3. The car’s stock except for a manual boost controller thats pretty much set close to stock. I feel there’s an underlying problem and would like to try to solve it. Will check it again tomorrow as it will be a hot day.
  4. reviving an old thread. I’m having similar issues with my r34. Changed the thermostat and clutch fan. I thought it was solved till today’s scorching heat. Water temp quickly started rising. Oil temp sat at 110. Had to crank the aircon temp to the highest setting to keep the water temp to half the gauge. What are the chances it’s something to do with the AC? Condenser or compressor?
  5. @wan are you still selling the steering wheel? can you PM me the details? thanks!
  6. Has anyone fitted a set of 18x9, 18x10 with 245/35/18 and 265/35/18 into a R34 GTT? Looking at a set on sale but not sure if it will fit with out mods. Car is currently on stock height buy will eventually be lowered (with in legal limit)
  7. Thanks for all the info. Got the parts. Will get the car re inspected on Thursday. Hopefully no more issues
  8. I may have found a set of shocks from the wrecker. Quick question, are the R34 rear struts fork type or bush type when attached to the control arms?
  9. Gtr800, still looking for the airbox and shocks
  10. That's what i read as well. Maybe i can try to convince the workshop that it's legal as i'm running stock intercooler anyway
  11. Thanks for the tip odium. Planning on keeping it stock anyway. Anybody interested in swapping the a standard airbox with a pod filter?
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