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  1. is there anywhere in Sydney/Newcastle that builds PPG boxes as freight to SA is a pain.
  2. Yeh its a Maatouks Racing built motor running 526hp at the wheels on 98, I was almost ready to get a flex fuel tune & turn it up to about 700 - 800. I think I need to upgrade the box as 3rd gear is the weak link so probably as you mentioned a 1st to 4th helical cut dog box will be needed. It will save down time & money in the long run. It is my daily apart from road bikes & I don't think I could put up with an auto or justify a sequential.$22K
  3. Had an exiting run against a road bike, dumped it hard into 3rd gear as I pulled away & bang. I now have lots of little bits of 3rd gear, so I've done something to my Stagea but its not an improvement. Now I have a choice, a brand new 5 speed Nissan box for $3400 or a PPG dog box for $12000. Any suggestions?
  4. Turbo is now a Garrett GTW3884 67mm on a top mount 6Boost manifold with a 50mm external gate.
  5. Sure have, I found a heap of small fixes that needed to be done like vacuum leaks cam cover oil leaks & stuff but the big one was the 3" exhaust & JDM mufflers were not as well flowing as they needed to be, so after having issues with back pressure I had to get a full custom 3 1/2" system made up with 3 1/2 inch Hi Flow CAT, plus I had the screamer pipe extended & plumbed back into the exhaust so I don't get booked, after an oil change I took it back to Maatouks & had another run on the dyno to make sure all is OK. found out the standard CAS doesn't like anything over 6500rpm so I'm saving up for R35 coils & bracket & a cam angle sensor to go in when I go back for the E85 tune after all this COVID shite... so its still running on great 98 octane at just over 500whp so reliable everyday, very happy & the idle is much lower now & the car shakes a bit at the lights..;)
  6. mine was 50K but depends on your specs I got the big bottom end & head package.
  7. No They are Garrett® Part Number 707160-5007S Model GT2560R
  8. I have a few parts to sell after upgrading my RB26 to s single turbo Maatouks MR700 build. Twin turbos 7's still plumbed on the manifolds. APEXI 3" twin dump pipe & full stainless, 3" exhaust with (CAT??) mufflers & Dolphin tail pipe. Intercooler & twin cold side pipes, all ran 300KW for 2 years and all only taken off for a RB30/26 build. original MINES ECU Everything $3500.
  9. I hope so, its going to be interesting to see how quick it is being so heavy after run in & the E85 & boost turned up ;)
  10. 1000 k's on low boost the retune on E85 then I'll give it a bit & let you know how much I scared myself
  11. So on the Maatouks racing FaceBook page.. www.facebook.com/maatouksracing/ Shaun’s stagea came in for a MR 700 package packing a RB30/26, 6 boost manifold, garret gtx35/84rs, Turbosmart 50mm wastegate, ID2000cc injectors,custom cooler pipes and catch can all controlled through a Haltech plug and play ecu with all sensors and wideband for engine protection and peace of mind. Making just under 400kw @ 16psi at only 6000rpm on a running in tune.
  12. It’s finally in & running Dyno time then time to scare myself IMG_0564.MOV
  13. Ok it’s gong in here are some pics as promised. IMG_3034.MOV
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