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  1. Yep & the drive shafts are big too so probably better start saving for some billet axles 😀
  2. OK the gearbox is at PPG in SA & I'm about to send the clutch centres to HiOctane Racing in Sydney to get the clutch plate centres replaced with larger 26 spline ones so they fit the new billet main shaft in the gearbox. PPG RB GTR/GTS-T Helical Cut Dog Gearset PPG’s billet selector forks PPG Billet RB Sandwhich Plate PPG Billet RB Mainshaft Transfer Case Upgrade Xtreme Clutch 26 spline centres now what will break next?
  3. Just be gentle into 3rd gear. I’ve spoken with the guys at ppg and decided on a 1st to 4th gears, billet main shaft & billet selector forks helical cut dog engagement Works out cheaper than syncro.
  4. is there anywhere in Sydney/Newcastle that builds PPG boxes as freight to SA is a pain.
  5. Yeh its a Maatouks Racing built motor running 526hp at the wheels on 98, I was almost ready to get a flex fuel tune & turn it up to about 700 - 800. I think I need to upgrade the box as 3rd gear is the weak link so probably as you mentioned a 1st to 4th helical cut dog box will be needed. It will save down time & money in the long run. It is my daily apart from road bikes & I don't think I could put up with an auto or justify a sequential.$22K
  6. Had an exiting run against a road bike, dumped it hard into 3rd gear as I pulled away & bang. I now have lots of little bits of 3rd gear, so I've done something to my Stagea but its not an improvement. Now I have a choice, a brand new 5 speed Nissan box for $3400 or a PPG dog box for $12000. Any suggestions?
  7. Turbo is now a Garrett GTW3884 67mm on a top mount 6Boost manifold with a 50mm external gate.
  8. Sure have, I found a heap of small fixes that needed to be done like vacuum leaks cam cover oil leaks & stuff but the big one was the 3" exhaust & JDM mufflers were not as well flowing as they needed to be, so after having issues with back pressure I had to get a full custom 3 1/2" system made up with 3 1/2 inch Hi Flow CAT, plus I had the screamer pipe extended & plumbed back into the exhaust so I don't get booked, after an oil change I took it back to Maatouks & had another run on the dyno to make sure all is OK. found out the standard CAS doesn't like anything over 6500rpm so I'm saving up for R35 coils & bracket & a cam angle sensor to go in when I go back for the E85 tune after all this COVID shite... so its still running on great 98 octane at just over 500whp so reliable everyday, very happy & the idle is much lower now & the car shakes a bit at the lights..;)
  9. mine was 50K but depends on your specs I got the big bottom end & head package.
  10. No They are Garrett® Part Number 707160-5007S Model GT2560R
  11. I have a few parts to sell after upgrading my RB26 to s single turbo Maatouks MR700 build. Twin turbos 7's still plumbed on the manifolds. APEXI 3" twin dump pipe & full stainless, 3" exhaust with (CAT??) mufflers & Dolphin tail pipe. Intercooler & twin cold side pipes, all ran 300KW for 2 years and all only taken off for a RB30/26 build. original MINES ECU Everything $3500.
  12. I hope so, its going to be interesting to see how quick it is being so heavy after run in & the E85 & boost turned up ;)
  13. 1000 k's on low boost the retune on E85 then I'll give it a bit & let you know how much I scared myself
  14. So on the Maatouks racing FaceBook page.. www.facebook.com/maatouksracing/ Shaun’s stagea came in for a MR 700 package packing a RB30/26, 6 boost manifold, garret gtx35/84rs, Turbosmart 50mm wastegate, ID2000cc injectors,custom cooler pipes and catch can all controlled through a Haltech plug and play ecu with all sensors and wideband for engine protection and peace of mind. Making just under 400kw @ 16psi at only 6000rpm on a running in tune.
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