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  1. l0ckym

    Brake switch Look up the top of the brake pedal, could be sticky, or broken. Easy to replace, just need to be a gymnast to get up in there.
  2. l0ckym

    Um, that’s not how you work it out. Remember some loans have break fees - if you pay it out early. Banks never lose in these things
  3. l0ckym

    OK, mine was brought in Feb/2000 by AVO Turbo No paperwork exists from this timeframe (I asked them) - and its too early for the JOC records.
  4. l0ckym

    @steve85 - out of interest, which shop is on the compliance plate? Mine was complied in Feb 2000, was interested to know.
  5. l0ckym

    I still have cars registered in vic, and I moved from there 8 years ago
  6. Who did your steering wheel mate?
  7. l0ckym

    I use this. Not impenetrable- but will slow them. Good luck finding it bud.
  8. l0ckym

    If go single tomorrow if I didn’t have to get it roadworthied every year
  9. l0ckym

    where did you buy it from?
  10. 1995 Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec112000kmsOriginal conditionNo engine modifications NSW Reg Oct 2018 Aftermarket alarm & cruise control $35000
  11. l0ckym

    Just get all her teeth pulled - cheap and better BJ’s. What’s to loose? [emoji848]